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Jazz Day with Dianne Reeves

 Jazz singer Dianne Reeves gives hope with intimate concert at Thrive DC

Thrive DC Spa Day

 Thrive DC Shows Extra Care To The Ladies On Spa Day

Homeless man with courage

 The Courage To Persevere: Answering Life’s Blows With Quiet Grit

Homeless Family with special needs son finds a new home

 Just In Time For Christmas, A DC Mom And Her Special Needs Adult Son Find A New Home
Interview about Incarceration

Life After Incarceration

The US just released thousands of inmates in the largest one-time prison release in history. What’s next for those on the outside? Jim Spellman reports from CCTV America. For a personal look at what life is like post incarceration, he interviews James from Thrive DC. James participated in Thrive DC’s Real Opportunity Program, and recently started

"It's like a family, people are corny, I think Thrive DC is an amazing organization!"

Christiana, American University