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Thriving Rhythms

By: Greg Rockwell

“Overall, my style of connecting with clients involves de-emphasizing their everyday problems. The purpose of music group is to allow them to get away, relax, and enjoy without having to discuss topics like mental illness… Read More »

Hypothermia Alert Locations (Featured Image)

The Top 5 Most Effective Ways to Help the Homeless This Winter

By: Greg Rockwell

Winter is the hardest time for our homeless community. When the temperature dips below freezing it creates a severe risk for hypothermia, and the consequences can be fatal. Thankfully, DC has a long-standing law that requires the… Read More »


A Christmas Carol Raises $84,000 For Thrive DC!

By: Greg Rockwell

FORD’S THEATRE SOCIETY AUDIENCES RAISE MORE THAN $84,000 FOR THRIVE DC DURING PERFORMANCES OF A CHRISTMAS CAROL Washington, D.C. — Ford’s Theatre Society announced that a donation drive during performances of A Christmas Carol has… Read More »


Real Opportunity Graduation Ceremony

By: Greg Rockwell

Yesterday we graduated five individuals from our Real Opportunity culinary training program. Real Opps lasts six months and includes an internship with Thrive DC’s chefs, an externship at a local restaurant, and intensive case management to… Read More »


2014 Homeless Memorial

By: Greg Rockwell

December 19th Thrive DC will honor Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day at New York Ave. Presbyterian Church. Please join us as we honor all the friends and family who have passed away while experiencing homelessness.


5 Ways Thrive DC Helps The Homeless Find Work

By: Greg Rockwell

A few weeks ago one of our clients posted a video asking Thrive DC how we helped the homeless find jobs, and what kind of jobs people in our programs could expect help with. While… Read More »


DC Winter Plan 2014

By: Greg Rockwell

Updated every year, the Winter Plan is DC’s guide to addressing homelessness during the winter. It lists what shelters are available and when, and what transportation is available from various service providers to the shelters. If… Read More »

Fords Theatre

Ford’s Theatre Society Partners With Thrive DC!

By: Greg Rockwell

“GOD BLESS US, EVERY ONE!” The Ford’s Theatre Society has announced that the company of the 2014 production of A Christmas Carol is partnering with Thrive DC to create a donation drive inspired by the… Read More »

Hygiene Station (square)

2014 Year in Review!

By: Greg Rockwell

2014 In Review 2014 has been a big year. We started the Women In New Directions Program to help female inmates transition back into society. Rachel’s Women’s Shelter closed. We hired a new Employment Specialist… Read More »

Dinosaur (Square)

Six Sugars and Dinosaur Bones

By: Greg Rockwell

I’m struggling to write this blog. Period. Why? I don’t want to put words in our client’s mouths. I don’t want to pretend like I know what they’re thinking. I don’t feel right sharing stories… Read More »