Meet Mackie, Our New EngageDC Intern!

By: Greg Rockwell

Hi! My name is Mackie Abergel, a sophomore at The George Washington University School of Business, and I am so excited to begin my internship at Thrive DC! Moving to DC inspired me to dig… Read More »

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Homelessness isn’t safe

By: Greg Rockwell

The DC General Emergency Shelter is not a safe place to raise children. Last week DC government released a report examining the responsibility of various city agencies and providers in the disappearance of (still missing)… Read More »


Living Healthy with Thrive DC

By: Olga Skenderska

By Jihyo You “Food is the most primitive form of comfort.” – Sheila Graham  Thrive DC was founded 35 years ago with the goal of helping homeless and vulnerable individuals meet their basic needs for… Read More »


Creating Art, Making Connections

By: Jennifer Paul

By Zoe Winton Art Group Volunteer I first came to Thrive DC last summer. I had heard some of its mission before I came, but all I really knew was that their goal was to… Read More »

Our clients

How can YOU be at the heart of helping homeless individuals?

By: Olga Skenderska

By Olga Skenderska, Thrive DC Staff Very often we see homeless and low-income people in the streets, and we think “I wish I could help them, but I can’t help them all.” Although this is… Read More »


My Experience at Thrive DC as a Volunteer

By: Olga Skenderska

By Clara Lincoln, Volunteer I have been coming to St. Stephen’s Church since I was little, so when I wanted an opportunity to use my time for good during my first summer back from college,… Read More »

A Day at TDC

A Day at Thrive DC: Helping 200 Individuals

By: Olga Skenderska

By Jennifer Paul, Development Director What is a day in the life of Thrive DC like? Honestly there is never a typical day at Thrive DC, because each person who walks through our doors is… Read More »

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A Call for Action

By: Olga Skenderska

By Nicole Price, WIND Program Coordinator For many years, Thrive DC has addressed various contributors to homelessness, both indirectly as a referral source, or directly in the form of employment assistance and housing case management.… Read More »


“Without Thrive DC, I wouldn’t be where I am now.”

By: Olga Skenderska

By Olivia DeRamus Marcus Quinichette came to Washington DC four years ago from Columbus, Ohio.  He didn’t know anyone in DC and could not find affordable housing. As a result, he was forced to turn… Read More »


Thrive DC saved my life.

By: Olga Skenderska

By Olivia DeRamus Kevin Ellerbe first came to Thrive DC in March 2014. Originally a stay-at-home dad with a wife and kids, Kevin recently separated from his wife. When he arrived at Thrive DC, he… Read More »