Every Step of the Way

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Two-year-old Annie sat quietly at one end of the table drawing with markers while her grandmother talked with me. Occasionally the bright-faced little girl sang out her ABC’s or proudly displayed her artwork.  When her grandmother gently spoke to her, Annie listened attentively and did her two-year-old best to follow directions. Mostly Annie seemed happy to be in the room with her grandmother Paula. (more…)

Joe’s Story

Joe Springs

Joe first started coming to Thrive DC in 2011 when he moved back to Washington D.C., looking to transfer his nursing assistant license from New Mexico. While waiting for his license to transfer, he got a job painting for a year. He lived with some relatives for a short time, but when it didn’t work out, he decided to move out and found a shelter where he could stay for the night.


Lewayne’s Story

Lewayne Colemen & Rachel Steber (employment specialist) 2

Lewayne first came to Thrive DC after being homeless and living on the street for a year.  The stable life he had known suddenly took a turn for the worse when he lost his job, went through a divorce and could no longer keep his home.  Lewayne found himself sleeping on benches and in and out of shelters. He was overwhelmed with the challenges of daily survival much less how to begin to rebuild his life. (more…)

Marvin’s Story

Marvin with his fiance

Marvin had been a gardener at the U.S. Supreme Court for two years when a sudden change in management resulted in him losing his job.  The series of events that followed were rapid and devastating.  Marvin was nearing retirement age and instead of looking forward to that, he had to spend his savings to survive.  He lost his car, his home and with what felt like dizzying speed, Marvin found himself alone living on the streets.  He says, “I was green. I didn’t know anything about how to survive as a homeless person.” (more…)

Debra’s Story

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Thrive DC has changed my life. I’ve been coming here for nine months and it has given me a new focus and productive things to do. They have a women’s program that helped me get involved in interesting activities and get the support I need.  I was around positive and helpful people. I eat a good breakfast and dinner at Thrive DC and as a result of coming here, I’m a lot healthier. (more…)