( Log Out /  It looks, feels, and smells exactly like the Drunk Elephant Marula oil, but is much, much less money. The marula tree is native to southern and western Africa. Drunk Elephant Virgin Marula Oil (30 ml/ 1 fl oz) (affiliate link) $72. An antioxidant rich hair and body oil. Sukari Babyfacial, which has 25 percent AHAs and 2 percent BHAs. BUY NOW. So now that we have realized Leslie fell into the hype without fully researching if an oil would work for her skin type (hey, it can happen to anyone! I'm comparing the Marula Oil from Drunk Elephant and The Ordinary! *Drunk Elephant Marula Oil https://amzn.to/2Ty5GC3 ... Review: The Ordinary Marula Oil vs. In this area the oil shines, as it’s very moisturizing but accepted quickly by the skin. There was actually a bit of a spat that happened in the industry in relation to these two oils. Marula oil is extracted from the nuts, or kernels, of the Marula trees – most commonly found in Africa. Marula oil is extracted from the seed of the Sclerocarya Birrea tree. But in general, Marula oil seems to be on the thicker side as far as facial oils go (see above, where I exposed myself as a bad shopper of face oils). The oil sinks into the skin quickly with little waiting time, leaving the skin feeling soft, moisturized and conditioned. They have specifically designed their marula oil to be used alone or along with other Drunk Elephant products to help the penetration of the skincare cocktail. I can't afford Drunk Elephant's price to do that. "Marula oil is high in omegas, which means it rapidly absorbs into the skin, and it is healing," explains Masterson. $9.90 How I use them I only used Drunk Elephant's Marula Oil on my face so for the purposes of this comparison that's what my … I don’t even see myself using the rest of the little travel size I have, but again, maybe I am completely the wrong skin type for this. Finding is the easy part. With the benefits of Marula Oil in mind, this oil delivers and lives up to my expectation of what I look for in Marula. 14:40. We’re comparing the Drunk Elephant Marula Oil vs. Its fatty acid profile is about 70% oleic acid which makes it a fantastic moisturizer. Drunk Elephant products are designed to be mixed and used together in a single application cocktail which helps supercharge your routine and save time. Why on earth is one $72?! I love that TO sells these high quality items at affordable prices. Blog Writer Extraordinaire, Leslie Here…oops)]]. The Ordinary marula oil is more refined in texture and feel than most other marula oils in the price range of $10-$50. I used Drunk Elephant Marula oil beforehand, but the price stopped from purchasing it again. To be used as a daily support, apply generously over the affected area to hydrate, soften and restore a natural radiance. These are both great products. And this works beautifully mixed with other products to create cocktails or perfectly fine on its own as a final skincare topper. Has a low molecular weight which allows it to absorb quickly into the skin. Marula oil is extracted from the nuts, or kernels, of the Marula trees – most commonly found in Africa. ( Log Out /  Has a pH of 3.5-4.50, which is a little greater than the Salicylic Acid 2% Solution, however still acidic. The phrase I think of when I use this oil is “cosmetically elegant.” And it truly is a beautifully crafted oil that is a pleasure to use. Drunk Elephant marula oil is also considered fair trade. However, what makes this packaging unique is not what is happening on the outside but what is happening inside. Price – 15ml – $40 on Amazon* / 30ml $72 on Amazon*. Smashbox Photo Finish Primerizer | REVIEW, Drunk Elephant C-Firma Day Serum | REVIEW. Marula oil is non-comedogenic, however, I would still like to note that I never broke out or experienced clogged pores while using this oil. This ratio is what will tell you how the oil will work with your skin. Inside of the square bottle there is a U-shaped reservoir that allows the dropper to suck up every last bit of the oil without having to awkwardly tilt and turn the bottle.

the ordinary vs drunk elephant marula oil

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