Welcome Catherine!

Thrive DC is proud to welcome to our team Catherine Moore as our new Development Assistant!

Catherine has a big commitment to our work and is excited to help all of our donors and volunteers stay connected to our mission. Read below to learn why you should NOT give Catherine a stuffed monkey as a gift.

What made you interested in helping the homeless?

I’ve always been very empathetic, so it breaks my heart to see people suffering through such a difficult situation. I often feel powerless because there are so many systematic barriers in place, but working with Thrive has given me hope.

Catherine MooreHow did you hear about Thrive DC?

Through a Google search. I was looking for a great organization that I could become a part of in order to enact change. I’m so happy I found Thrive DC!

What makes Thrive DC different than other programs?

The variety of services provided. Not only do we provide meals, but we also give showers, clean clothing, fresh produce, transportation, job training, drug and alcohol counseling, and so much more. Thrive is special because of the sense of hope and positivity present in all staff members and volunteers. It’s an uplifting environment where clients can come to feel that they belong and are cared for.

What is an awesome moment you’ve had at Thrive DC so far?

My first day was awesome! Everyone was so welcoming and kind to me. I knew right away I had found a great place to work.

What do you see as the biggest need among the people you work with?

Outside of needing shelter, clothing, and nourishment, I would say they need kindness the most. On Monday morning I smiled at a client and he told me that this smile was often the only one he would see all day. Nobody deserves to feel invisible or neglected.

What are you passionate about?

The band My Chemical Romance.

What’s your favorite breakfast food?

Bagels. I love bagels.

What’s a cool and interesting fact about yourself?

I backpacked through Asia for 6 months after graduating college. While I was there I got bit by a monkey and had to fly to another country to receive medical treatment. I’m okay now, but I no longer think of monkeys as cute!