A Perfect Fit Day Success

perfect fit 3We were so happy to provide our clients with new bras and underwear yesterday from Curvy Kate and The Little Bra Company during ‘A Perfect Fit Day’! All the women were sized and given their “perfect fit” by Le Bustiere.

Events like this mean a lot to our clients who normally don’t have the ability to afford new clothing. Wearing new bras and underwear helps reaffirm their dignity and gives them the support they need to be comfortable and confident.

“The ‘Perfect Fit Day’ bra is just that. It’s a perfect fit for me. Before this, I kept having to adjust the straps and now I finally feel supported. It’s also important for me in the future because now I know perfect fit 5what my size is.” – Jeanette

“‘A Perfect Fit Day’ was a great experience. The fitter was wonderful. She knew exactly what I wanted, and gave me just that. Everything about it was perfect.” -Meranda

“About 20 years ago, I bought a really good bra, and I’ve only had one more since then. So to say the least, I’m really excited about ‘A Perfect Fit Day’. It’s an awesome program.” -Ms. Howard

We have extra bras and underwear, so tell someone in need about us!!perfect fit 7Perfect Fit 1perfect fit 6perfect fit 4