We received this letter recently from a client who has been working with Rachel Steber, our Employment Specialist, for several months. Together they have worked to create a plan for Mr. Edwards to take steps towards a more stable life. If you’ve ever questioned the impact that donating your time or money can have on the life of one person please know that you can make a huge difference to individuals, like Cordell Edwards, every day. 

 I wanted to take this time to thank the staff at Thrive DC and a personal thanks to Ms. Rachel Steber. When I first arrived here at Thrive DC I was jobless and homeless, the only thing I had was ambition to get back on my feet. With the computer lab and its job search and resume writing, which is twice a week, I was able to update my resume. After getting my resume presentable I was able to get not one but two jobs. I also could not have done it without their assistance with transportation funds which Thrive DC also provided. This organization is a great asset to the Washington, DC community and for those of us that have hit hard times. [E2] Their pleasant and upbeat attitude kept me thinking positive and I’m very appreciative. 

Thank you all very much.

C. Edwards

If you would like to share a Thrive DC Note, please email your story to [email protected].

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