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Advocacy for Change

We must dismantle the structural racism, socioeconomic disparities, educational, and health inequities that have disproportionately affected the most vulnerable communities. Our vision is for our clients to be valued, heard, respected, and empowered to pursue their full potential.

Our Coalitions for Change

A Chance to Thrive (ACT) Initiative

Organized in 2021, the ACT Initiative is a coalition of reentry providers that have banded together to change the narrative of returning citizens. People convicted of a crime often serve two sentences: one while they’re incarcerated, and the second when they’re released and discriminated against because of their incarceration.

The ACT Initiative seeks to create a more welcoming environment for returning citizens to come home to, and a groundswell of support for system changing policy that will give them a real chance to thrive after release.

Reentry Action Network (RAN)

RAN was founded in 2018 and serves as the leading voice in the District on reentry issues. It is a coalition of nonprofit organizations that provide direct reentry services to justice-involved DC residents. RAN gives its members a platform to exchange information, address issues of mutual concern, strengthen services, and act as a collective voice to best meet the complex and varied needs of incarcerated and returning citizens in the District.

Victim Assistance Network (VAN)

The VAN is a collaboration of victim service providers in DC. VAN members cross disciplines and victimization specific services, with a mission to facilitate a network of victim service providers that ensures efficient, victim-centered, and best-practices informed continuum of victim services in the District.

As Thrive DC has expanded programming to provide better care to clients, we have joined the VAN to collaborate on best practices and join our voice in advocating for clients who are too often silenced out of fear.
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