16th & Newton IntersectionDear Thrive DC Community,

You may not know about DDOT’s proposal to eliminate some key bus stops along the 16th St. S-bus route, including Newton Street.  This would be a painful blow to the community we serve, especially the elderly and disabled clients who rely on our services, and for who a bus stop at our doorstep isn’t a luxury but a lifesaver.

Other bus stops slated for removal include Riggs Place, Q Street, V Street, and Lamont Street.

I’ve submitted my opposition, but they need to hear from more people in our community.

The last opportunity for public comment is tonight at the DC JCC (ironically, at the Q St. bus stop!) at 4 PM and 7 PM.  If you cannot attend, please submit your comments to Megan at DDOT.

Megan Kanagy
Transportation Planner
[email protected]

Please understand how important this is for our clients. Some of our clients use wheelchairs, some walkers. Some of our homeless clients have to carry everything they own with them wherever they go. Some of our clients move slowly, and when the weather turns wet, or icy, having a bus stop right in front of our doors is a relief and a blessing.

Here is my letter to Ms. Kanagy. Please edit it and include your own experience with our clients when you send your letter. 

Megan Kanagy
Policy, Planning and Sustainability Administration
District Department of Transportation
55 M Street SE, Suite 400
Washington, DC 20003

16th St & Newton St Bus StopHello Ms Kanagy,

I am the Executive Director of Thrive DC, located at the corner of 16th and Newton Street NW. Thrive DC is a social services agency providing emergency and step-up services to the homeless and low income members of the Washington DC metropolitan community.

I am writing to express my vehement opposition to the removal of bus stops located at 16th and Newton Street. These bus stops provide access to our services  for some of our most vulnerable community members.  Our clients travel from all over the city to get to us and the bus is their primary mode of transportation because it is most affordable and currently convenient.

Because we serve individuals with physical challenges, economic challenges,and  housing insecurity  and because we provide critical, low barrier services daily such as hot meals, showers, laundry and mail service, emergency groceries among many other services, it is absolutely critical that our clients be able to reach us.  Removing the bus stops in front of our facility will significantly reduce access to our often life saving programming for those who struggle in so many ways.

Additionally, the 16th and Newton street bus stop provides access to St Stephen’s and the Incarnation Church which houses over 10 non-profit organizations all dedicated to community improvement and support. In fact, St Stephen’s offers one of the only locations in Washington DC metropolitan area that offers meals 7 days a week, including Federal Holidays, to anyone in need.

I am sure that the rationale behind the possibility of removing these stops has to do with creating more convenience.  But I am assuring you that the removal of this bus stop will eliminate convenience for some of our most vulnerable neighbors.  Removal of these stops will absolutely inhibit access to vital services for the poor, for children,  for families, for the ill, and homeless. I am confident that that is not the intention of the decision makers, however,  it will indeed be the end result.

I implore the decision makers in this process to consider the needs of individuals who utilize the services offered at Thrive DC and by the other groups housed at St. Stephen’s and the Incarnation.  Please make a judgement that supports those that are most in need.

Alicia Horton
Alicia Horton
Executive Director of Thrive DC