Thrive DC has changed my life. I’ve been coming here for nine months and it has given me a new focus and productive things to do. They have a women’s program that helped me get involved in interesting activities and get the support I need.  I was around positive and helpful people. I eat a good breakfast and dinner at Thrive DC and as a result of coming here, I’m a lot healthier.

The staff at Thrive DC make you feel that you have value. They consistently treat me with respect and dignity.  If I need personal items to take care of myself they never hesitate and people like Trenett, Rachel and Jessica have always been kind and helpful. I enjoy Terrence’s cooking. He cooks like he is cooking for himself and makes sure we enjoy and appreciate it.

Thrive also helps me find work. Having access to a computer through the Computer Lab enabled me to enroll in VMT which trains people to be nursing assistants.

At Thrive DC, I didn’t feel like they looked down on me. They have always looked for ways to help me. I have hope now. I have an outlet.  I had no place to go before Thrive DC.  Plugging into the programs here helped me live a more productive life and achieve my dreams.

I strongly encourage supporting Thrive DC, the organization is well appreciated and much needed.

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