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A Hidden Struggle

Maxipad PyramidUnfortunately, homeless women will face many more challenges and dangers than homeless men. One of those challenges is having basic sanitary accessories to manage every day life.

Lack of hygiene products is not just a third world issue. Many of our women go without the tampons or maxipads they need for a variety of reasons: they’re too embarrassed to ask, they forgot to get some at a shelter, the shelter may have run out of the type of product they needed…

Women should have what they need to make it through the night. Period. You can help us by donating heavy flow/overnight maxipads and tampons.

The brand doesn’t matter, but if you would like an example of what we need you can check out our Amazon Wish List.

New and Gently Used Bras

Well fitting bras help women feel confident, attractive, and dignified. But for many homeless women, bras are a luxury they can’t afford. You can help our female clients get the support they need with a donation of either new or very gently used bras.

Donating Through Our Amazon Wish List

Don’t have anything to donate, or don’t know what to provide us? You can help us get exactly what we need by buying items off of our Amazon Wish List. Just don’t forget to include a note with your name and address so we can send you a thank you letter!

Dropping Off Donations

Unfortunately, we are not able to pick up donations. But you can bring things to us at our location in Columbia Heights Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM. Before you come, please give us a call at 202-503-1533 to let us know to expect you! If you are unable to get to us during normal operating hours, we would be happy to talk about setting up a more convenient time for drop offs.

Ready To Organize?

If you’re ready to organize a donation drive to help our clients, fill out the form below! Our In-Kind Coordinator will follow up with you shortly.


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