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Get Involved With Homelessness

Homelessness is growing in DC. There are 8,000 – 10,000 homeless individuals in the city right now with housing getting more and more expensive every day. People are getting pushed out, and our clients need your help to take the next step out of homelessness.

Help homeless people and end homelessness in city


Our clients can’t get the help they need without Thrive DC being here to give it. We need your support to continue our work, and to fund case managers to help our clients put their lives back together. We especially need your help as a monthly donor, because it provides a consistent source of income all year round that our clients can rely on.


One of the best things you can do for the homeless is to get to know them. When the people you see on the sidewalk become “Steve” or “Ms. Alice,” homelessness takes on a personal dimension. And when it’s personal, that’s when we can take action based on informed experience.

Get Educated

The first step is knowing what the problem is. Take the time to research homelessness using our site as a launching pad. From there, programs like the National Alliance to end Homelessness are great places to learn about why people become homeless and what cities around the country are doing about it.

Stay In The Know

Join our mailing list to get emails on what’s going on around DC. This is a good time to join the fight against homelessness: right now we have more awareness and more allies taking action than every before. Sign up today to be one of them!

Do Outreach

People find Thrive DC through word of mouth. Download our business cards or come in to our office and ask for them, and then give them out to the people you talk to on the street. Not everyone is ready to ask for help: but the more you offer a solution to someone, the more real it becomes and more likely they’ll come in for the first time.

Help Us With A Donation Drive

Our clients have a lot of needs. Whether it’s feminine hygiene products, clean socks and underwear, or basic toiletries, you can have a big impact on our clients by helping them get what they need.