Machine Learning Crash Course. He is interested in the analysis of such algorithms and the development of new learning methods for novel applications. Andrew Ng (@AndrewYNg) | Twitter. As a Stanford University professor in machine learning, he co-founded Coursera, a platform for massive online courses, many of them focused on AI and machine learning. Andrew Ng claims that, “it is possible for any enterprise to follow this Playbook and become a strong AI company.” However, it is primarily intended for larger enterprises with a market cap/valuation from $500 million to $500 billion. This is a crosspost of a Twitter thread I published earlier this week. The Batch presents the most important AI events and perspective in a curated, easy-to-read report for engineers and business leaders. Andrew Yan-Tak Ng (Chinese: 吳恩達; born 1976) is a British-born American businessman, computer scientist, investor, and writer.He is focusing on machine learning and AI. By Catherine Jewell, Publications Division, WIPO. Andrew Ng's research is in machine learning and in statistical AI algorithms for data mining, pattern recognition, and control. — Andrew Ng, Founder of and Coursera Deep Learning Specialization, Course 5 June 2019. ... by Stanford and Andrew Ng. The AI Transformation Playbook is distributed freely on the Landing AI website. He founded the Google Brain project, served as Chief Scientist at Baidu, and co-founded the online learning platform, Coursera. As a businessman and investor, Ng co-founded and led Google Brain and was a former Vice President and Chief Scientist at Baidu, building the company's Artificial Intelligence Group into a team of several thousand people. The British-born computer scientist, Andrew Ng, is a leading thinker on artificial intelligence (AI) and has been a pioneer in its application for many years. I still disagree with him though, because tesla clearly says that you should always keep your eyes on the road. Andrew Ng is a very smart man and a machine learning expert, he used to be a teacher at Stanford University IIRC, so people can stop calling him dumb. Andrew is known for creating pioneering AI and machine learning courses, such as We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Deep Learning is a superpower.With it you can make a computer see, synthesize novel art, translate languages, render a medical diagnosis, or build pieces of a car that can drive itself.If that isn’t a superpower, I don’t know what is. This week Andrew Ng tweeted that his Stanford University team had developed a model that is “comparable to the best radiologist performance in detecting abnormalities on … Enroll today at to get access to the specialization! Every Wednesday, The Batch highlights a mix of the most practical research papers, industry-shaping applications, and high-impact business news. Note: One of my favorite ML courses of all time! Artificial intelligence: the new electricity. Andrew Ng.