Used when this summon is called first in the combo. for (let s of element.querySelectorAll('[data-series-label]')) { chart.xAxis.tickValues(gx); Zeus: Light: 80% (120%) Boost to Light's, Thunder's and Zion's weapon skills. This is the basic aura for this summon. if (t == 0) { d = d-1; t = 1440; } ; chart.xAxis.axisLabel(element.dataset.axisLabelX); let svg = document.createElementNS("", "svg"); Did You Know? Especially if you want to try out different builds you need to find the right polarities early on and invest … :\.\d+)?|\.\d+)/g); My journey in the Zephyrus world starts from here. :\.\d+)?|\.\d+)/g); "); Imagine this, back then if you put 3 of them in your grid, your TA is 0, not even Ferry's buffs can make you TA, each one removes like 33~40% TA(not sure how much for DA), it was actually unusable, it is actually kinda good now but mainly as a substitute for an Alexiel … Honestly, building Zephyr isn’t easy at all. . .datum(series) case '': xF = d3.format(',r'); break; if (xv && yv && xv.length == yv.length) { April 9, 2020 at 18:51 hope you’ll look into adding astral weapons to your numbers as well! g = element.dataset.xGrid.match(/\-?(?:\d+(? } }); } 1 Myths & Legends 1.1 Appearance 1.2 Family 2 Modern Depictions 2.1 Comic books 3 Gallery He resided somewhere in Iberia, near theGarden of the Hesperides. yMin = y; area: s.dataset.seriesArea == "yes", Zephyrus meme wind grid, featuring Garuda Bow Guide EDIT : This guide hasn't been updated with the introduction of the new Morrigna Dagger which is basically a wind primal cortana (Atk + trium but HP cut), I will try to update this guide as soon as I can with it! } Its level does not influence the aura. This article is about the summon stone. else element.appendChild(es); This page was last edited on 8 July 2020, at 06:20. Setups with Tia x Grimnir either have (nearly) 100% crit on single Tia (ULB) or do not use crit at all. if (xMin > series[i].values[0].x) Big advantage of Unius grid is the low entry point: it only really requires 2 grand weapons (3 at most, for a tiny, marginal bump) and it is quite strong. x: null, Setups with Tia x Tia will have 100% crit. sd.values.push({ .reduceXTicks(true) else if (yMin > y) Every grid here has a 100% TA buff, solely to have an easier time comparing Zephy and Tia, since Zephy weapons have DATA skills and those skew motocal calcs and also wind has a lot of DATA buffing so we might as well have 100% TA. x = Number.parseFloat(x); for (let i = series.length; i-->0;) { 80% Boost to Wind's, Whirlwind's, and Ventosus's weapon skills. chart.yAxis.axisLabelDistance(yAxisWidth-70); 【グラブル】Granblue Fantasy | Zephyrus + Highlander Grid Test Run | ゼピュロス 編成 (支配の天秤) 試用 - Duration: 8:15. teru 1,095 views 8:15 if (yAxisWidth && yAxisWidth > 70) .call(chart) It requires more bars than Unius for essentially the same damage. Just get Unius. } for (let i = 0; i < errors.length; i++) { Massive Light damage to all foes. All allies gain Shield (1000) Next ATK received will be ineffective for a fixed amount Strength: 1000.: 9T 9 turn cooldown. Number.parseInt(element.dataset.yAxisWidth) : 0; es.appendChild(document.createTextNode(errors[i])); Grid Layout is a way of showing items (images, pages, portfolio pages, testimonials, products and custom post types) inside a grid (list). for (let i = 1; i < prep.length; i++) { For these weapons, drop something like a gun.