"Mangroves trap carbon dioxide from the atmosphere into the root system and sediments, acting as a carbon capture or carbon sink," Amna Al Mansoori, … Singapore has launched a … The lesson: if you want to restore diverse mangrove forests, you have to plant diverse mangrove forests. With their dense network of roots and … These hardy plants rarely suffer health problems, making them the perfect plant to grow in a pot. Plant invasion is a major threat to natural ecosystems, and mangrove forests are among the most threatened ecosystems in the world. Though you might picture mangrove-lined shores when you think of these plants, growing them in pots is easier than you might think. WIF has so far planted some 3 million mangrove trees, but the task is laborious and time-consuming. Ilisoni Naivokula of Nacula village transports mangrove seedlings to the nursery. Other restoration techniques can range in cost from $20,000 an acre to as much as $150,000 an acre, but aerial mangrove planting is only about $3,000 per acre, Mack said. Besides, forcible planting of mangroves in soft mudflats may not lead to better anchoring due to substrate height increase along shorelines that may allow them to drift away. Volunteers are needed to collect red mangrove propagules for a restoration event Nov. 6. ", Why Abu Dhabi is protecting its mangroves, Global climate targets will be missed as deforestation rises, study says, Baobab tree deaths linked to climate change. “It was important that we train and educate people in the community about mangrove planting to ensure that the right mangroves are planted and the survival rate is high.” But their work doesn't stop there. The Global Mangrove Alliance is an initiative to increase mangrove habitats by 20 per cent by 2030. Still, you’ll find out some amazing new things if you involve yourself in mangrove seed propagation. Categories of Plants Found in Mangrove Habitats. Al Dhaheri says three million saplings have been planted in the last decade alone. The Southern Naval Command organised a mangrove planting drive along the Venduruthy channel here on the occasion of World River Day on Sunday.The drive was led by Vice Admiral A.K. The community planted more than 180 mangrove seedlings, a move that was led by the young men of Nacula. All Rights Reserved. Today, the forest is teeming with life, and the distinct calls of king birds, whistling ducks, and birds of paradise once again fill the air. Out of every 100 seedlings planted, it is estimated that only 30 survive,” said Maina. The red mangrove, scientific name Rhizophora mangle, is a tropical plant that is critical for coastal erosion control. But trees are helping the city fight the climate crisis. Mangroves are also a main breeding ground for fish and home to several species of birds. PCG hosts mangrove planting + A A-TERESA D. ELLERA . Chawla, Flag Office With various consultations being held across the country on the effects of climate change, these villagers are leaving no stone unturned and are taking every single useful initiative seriously because they do not want to lose the beauty of their environment nor do they want their future generation to suffer in years to come. They create dense forests that provide a habitat for small fish and other animals. The monoculture planting of mangroves in intertidal mudflats should be avoided at all cost since mangroves do not grow there naturally. The mangrove nursery setup here in Nacula Village is a step in the right direction. Last week, villagers with representatives from the Worldwide Fund for Nature-Pacific (WWF-Pacific) took part in a massive mangrove planting program to mark the International Day for the Conservation of Mangrove Ecosystems. If we don't take any action toward climate change now, it will be catastrophic, it will be irreversible. The Global Mangrove Alliance target of 20 per cent restoration means Fiji has to plant an additional 8520 hectare of mangroves by 2030. Copyright © 2020 Fiji Times Limited. At least 25,000 mangrove seedlings will be planted on a 10-hectare area in Barangay Tibaguin.