7 comments. thanks!! pound_release is an account to which ALL pounded pets go to during the time the Pound was down for maintainence. (If you can confirm this is the case for the Mystery Island Training School or Secret Ninja Training School, please let us know.). That amount was deducted from your on-hand Neopoint Amount as soon as you adopted the new pet. The table below shows how many transfers you will have according to your account age. No Trade Petpets include those found in Newbie Starter Packs and those exclusive to the Petpet Lab Ray. Continue reading Happy 20th Birthday Imagine if you had pounded your pet, planning to get him on your side account, and then TNT closed the pound. The Neopian Pound Page 11/25. 2010-07-23 16:34:33 2010-07-23 16:34:33. It's where your interests connect you with your people. It’s even harder to believe that we’ve been at this for over 14 years now! 1 All Neopets 2 Petpets 3 All Petpetpets 4 External Links Even petpets can have … Neopets is doing away with its classic website in summer 2019. Because they are awesome. Us people here in NZ won't be able to go there at 9:47AM. Visit the pound through the Pet central drop down list at the top of the page. × When you adopt or transfer a pet, you are charged a certain amount of NP based on the pet's statistics. If you wish to keep your petpet, remove it before you abandon your pet. THIS BOARD IS ONLY TO TALK ABOUT PR. Anyone care to share what they're stalking? :P) First click on the image of the pet you wish to adopt. For example, if your account is less than 24 months old, you can still do 1 incoming and 1 outgoing transfer. 9 10 11. Display as a link instead, × This will cost 1,000 NP plus the adoption fee for the Neopet and will count as your 3rd User-to-User Transfers for this month. You can post now and register later. Can only adopt Neopets that are not limited edition/restricted (except Grundos and Rukis are adoptable by < 4 month accounts). The ultimate Neopets stuck pet site. gl, though! Will have to check this in 16 or so minutes. Video Games, Baseball, WWE, Astronomy (Space), Cars, Hockey, Football. Once again, after clicking on the "Exchange Neopets" option you will be shown to the screen that either says: As with regular transferring of pets you will be charged 1,000 NP for the transfer, as well as however much it costs to adopt the other person's pet when they accept the swap. It’s hard to believe that the game has been around so long now. Rar to iso. Note that if you accept the pet, you will have to pay the adoption fee that is shown. TNT are slowly releasing them off … As you can see, there is a new View More Neopets link. : Thunderbolt, Thunderblot, Thnuderbolt.... Yeah. But yes, you can code a program to do so. You are allowed to abandon one pet a day from an account, although the pet must be at least 7 days old before they feel brave enough to venture into the dark recesses of the pound. I made a little pound_release adopter awhile ago, not available except for level 5. Featured In. Few examples of pets stuck in pound_release are Emma the yellow wocky and Allen the robot acara. 2010-01-14 00:01:06 2010-01-14 00:01:06. Hissi are the best. SET1028. Some newbies may not have heard about it before, so here I am to cover it up. It's not working anymore since they "frozen" the account pound_release. Once its in the pound, its fair game. (Or were abandoned during the makeover - something like that). Click on the button that is below the pet you want to transfer. TNT have placed certain restrictions on accounts less than 4 months old, which limits what types of Neopets can be adopted, transferred into, or even transferred out of those accounts. Powered by Invision Community, HTML, CSS, chatting excessively, chatting with friends, lovely technology, magic, Neopets (of course xD), dogs, food, books, and a whole lot of other stuff. × Asked by Wiki User. guide Neopets pound release - WordPress.com Neopets pound release guide Rar to iso Seems like 1st party apps that I have already installed will not reinstall to sd card 2008-07-19 16 11 36 -A- C WINDOWS system32 SET1028 Neopets pound release guide Neopets pound release guide Direct Link #1 Problems Seen in … Remember, PR releases a tring of pets with similar names/name patterns, and some of the quicker people get the pets before it hits 10 seconds! If you are receiving the pet, you will be sent a notification on the top left navigation bar. Are these pets that were abandoned and stuck in the pound? Wiki User Answered . Indeed everyone does. Answer. Join up for free games, shops, auctions, chat and more! Bleach House Pictures and Jumpstart have teamed up to develop another animated series of Neopets focused on kids. And yes, it is pretty infamous around Neopets. If I recall correctly, they are pets that were in the pound prior to the pound/transfer makeover. It will read something along these lines: "You are about to exchange PETNAME for a Neopet currently owned by OTHER USER. These were all in pound_release or breik_u5 as of May 9. Press J to jump to the feed. Pound Surfing Introduction Whether you do it legitimately or illegitimately, Pound Surfing can be a very time-consuming and extremely tedious. Any child from the 90s to the current knows the event that is entering the Neopets, grasping an Ayesha, Kachek, or Jubub and saving the Neopoints for a brush that is the Neopets … If you have a No Trade petpet attached, you will be prevented from transferring the Neopet. 1 decade ago 1 decade ago Seems like 1st party apps that I have already installed will not reinstall to sd card. However it is perfectly okay to remove the pet's clothes and place them in your shop for the other user to buy.