It’s ridicule. I can’t really think of any better way to explain it. Anyways, if you don’t have work life balance, if every single hour of every day revolves around homework or work, –you get burnt out and overwhelmed. Both of you just have to be patient and remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day and getting better isn’t a short process, it can be a long process. He discusses how different medications for ADHD work and why the effect you described is sometimes noticed with the stimulant medications. For me, what ADHD feels like depends on the day and the zone I’m in. I wasn’t stupid, but I struggled with homework, especially anything that was of no interest to me. for triple j's Like A Version. In ER for 8 hrs. Not excited about that. I imagine for non-ADHD procrastinators they are aware they are avoiding something. Between large cities that are near one another, multiple radio transmissions (with similar frequencies) are received by radios and publish the scattered information to the people that are tuned in. Sometimes I can’t sit still for 5 minutes. Each layer added that is closer to the surface, is more complex than the one below it. She has to repeat the question 5 times because she’s competing with the sound of the tv and when more than one person talks at a time, i don’t catch any of it. I wish you all the best!! and now i am not even listening anymore. And I can’t remember to buy bread, or pay bills. I took some of the tests online, and I have so many of the symptoms. It’s also deciding whether I’ll have mayo or garlic mayo in my sandwich like it was the most crucial choice to make in my life… People get annoyed about that but I’m the one to be the most annoyed about it. You realize this and begin to wonder if some of those feathers are maybe more important and go back and forth between feathers, maybe catching a few on occasion. Heart issues – I have a irregular heart beat, on and off my medication and cardiologists say it’s probably because how long I’ve been medicated. It’s trying to decider is this problem I’m having at the moment because my adhd, growing up with an alcoholic father and then having two kids with an alcoholic man who left, or is it really just a normal problem at the moment. Finding a profession which truly interested me, and a workplace with a good mentor to help me develop professionally did not happen until I was in my late 30’s, (and all the while I was gradually learning how to be more reliable, and follow behavioural norms within groups), and then I took off like a bird. In my life there's been heartache and pain; I don't know if I can face it again. Understanding I have it has helped me understand a lot about myself, but has left a lot of questions…and I can’t seem to find answers. So ADHD has it’s ups and downs. You know all of his favorite movies. Men aren’t as complex as you might think. She also chimes in with an analogy about what medication is like for ADHD. I’m constantly on the go and so is my mind. Now I know what was erong all those years in school. As long as the conditions around me are super dialed in and my meds are fresh. Fun fact. My other greatest concern with my career success if timeliness. I will call in short term as Do You Know What It Feels Like For A Girl For those who are seeking Do You Know What It Feels Like For A Girl review. Acloud of everything surrounding me. Please keep me close Lord I don't wanna stray Wes, thanks for laying out so many experiences in your comment. It’s being impulsive and doing things that hurt you and others when you never meant to. I’m also amused at how much of my writing involves parentheses (I also speak that way). I felt like a lifeless robot or a shell of myself. What am I doing so wrong? I am easily frustrated, and I struggle to keep my emotions in check. My focus at work on an issue that nobody had the patience to solve was a mission I had to solve it. I needed it to be basically functional. I know this world will fade away And by then it was a struggle to get my shoe off due to the pain and swelling. Someone once asked me this exact question: ‘What does it feel like to have ADHD?’. I used to tell my husband that I thought I was literally going crazy sometimes and couldn’t understand why my friends, who had so much more going on than I, could handle everything and I was overwhelmed by the few things I had to take care of. Like information hoarding.. what is that? Its like my brain is scrambled eggs. Even with those feelings, I am grateful for how my brain works. Inside the house is your own personal sanctuary with things to personalize, organize, and chill with. It's available on all editions of the album. I have no answers though. I have my BA and MBA however, I have trouble holding a job because of my zoning out and hyper focus. Heven and earth that a god invention For example, I am able to do well in school (though I do have the same testing accommodations for anxiety as those for ADHD students: private room + extended time), I can be organized when I need to, and I don’t lose things as often as some members on here have described. But people who are really good for you are generally able to communicate that frustration *in those moments* and appreciate your energy in others. I couldn’t work with others (my fault, of course), couldn’t concentrate on what others were saying, (why do mundanes talk so long about absolutely nothing?) Recently diagnosed at age 55. I’m not sure if you have already, but you should talk to your doctor about possibly trying a different medication. Unfortunatley the A.I is a bit of an ass to work with and sometimes its activley working against you.. those are the bad ADHD days lol. I try to make jokes and be funny at the wrong times. You only get one life. Slowly but surely we are finding the things that work for me to help me be successful. For those who grew up in the mid-to-late 1980s and early 1990s, ADD was hardly known and girls did NOT have it. Yup… 35 and still waiting for my life to “begin.” And it is obviously terrifying, the thought that this will not change. You take notice of all the movement around you in the large auditorium each new whisper that echoes around, the slightest movement of the person across the room from you. And to be truly at peace and thankful for that understanding. He didn’t understand my brain is busy enough without this Tv on. I fall more or less in to the NEET category: Not in Education, Employment, or Training. The simple fact is our human rights system is broken–just like our legal system, and health care system (which doesn’t consider mental health important enough to fund), and our education system. Medication is the difference between me being a C student or top of my class, but it’s not a miracle pill. Help please. Remember you aren't the only one feeling like this. I just might a) rip your face off or b)try to become your best friend if you see me in passing at the HEB. But behind the curtain everyone is running into each other trying to figure out the next scene and find all the props. I am 18 and was diagnosed at 14, but could not find a medication for my ADD that was right for me until sophomore year. If I can see it in my mind, I can fix it. I think he still travels doing speaking engagements and online forums, and on his own website you can email him. ADHD. Sometimes to myself just so I can hear it. With unneeded information overload I’m getting from four different tires I end up going at a turtles pace. Its a constant struggle letting people down unintentionally; many people have told me “you aren’t even trying to listen”, “you lost my item, you don’t even care about other people’s belongings”, “just pay attention for 5 seconds.”. Anyway, when I got the diagnosis, I was so happy. I am 70 and have 2 degrees. It can also be really hard to explain to my friends and other people just how much of an effect ADD has on my ability to focus, sometimes even with medication. It’s maddening trying to find my way around it all…and often, right when I think I’ve made progress, something distracts me. Patience with computers they say but really I need to know how it works what’s in that button ohhhh nice but total off the ball game I’m suppose to be on.