used to buy their teak from the country—since the ban, the trade is shifting to Central and South America. A highly desirable wood with a lot of features including outstanding resistance to decay and rot. The Panama Canal is one of the most widely used waterways in the world. With this change in the global teak market, you have the opportunity to diversify your investment portfolios through teak investments. Find Teak Wood Suppliers. 9, 1st Floor,Taj Hotel Business center, Plaza Paitilla, Paitilla Panama City PANAMA Panama … But the truth is that there is a management company that handles all of these expenses that are part of the initial investment. Why? With strategic international partners, timber concessions and an international timber trading network, Panama Teak Forestry can offer a lot more than just kiln dried teak. He is also the author of #1 Best-Selling book Expat Secrets on Amazon. Panama Teak for Residency Program Concerned about the Future of our Country? The growing population and incomes in Asia, particularly India, has induced an increase in the demand for teak in the region. The people at Teak Hardwoods are a team of very reliable people who can handle the entire immigration process for you as well. To place an order for a parcel of teak in Panama, please contact Rachel Jensen at [email protected] USA +1-833-752-7161 (Toll Free) +1-646-912-8383 (Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm EST) … This minimum investment gets you a permanent residency which you can use to apply for Panamanian citizenship after 5 years. Panama is one of the fastest growing economies in Central and South America. New Addition. It can withstand extremes of temperature, but maximum & minimum shade temperatures of 39- 44 0 c and 13 – 17 0 c respectively are the most favorable for its growth. I am evaluating Teak and investing in Teak parcels (1/4 acre) in Panama with a 25 year maturity date. Panama Teak Forest is a vertically integrated provider of sustainably harvested and managed tropical hardwood forests that provide economic, conservation, and community benefits to the areas where our work and timber operations are located. your own Pins on Pinterest We are a conslultant company in panama, rep. Of and we have customers who interest buy others sell scrap metal (hms 1, hms 1&2, used rails, copper). Panama Teak Forestry is an efficiently managed company in one of the safest, best-performing of all commodities tropical timber plantations and timber concessions with over 7,000 acres of timber resources and a mill that can produce tropical hardwood flooring, decking, wood paneling and other finished wood products. People often think that they’ll need to also invest in the agricultural infrastructure which isn’t part of the initial investment. VP of Business Development for Teak Hardwoods. Considering its location as a connecting path between the Atlantic and the Pacific Ocean, it literally connects one of the earth’s hemispheres to the other. coustomers fish (tilapia), teak wood metal. Please check your entries and try again. Let me know if you would like to go ahead with either of these packages or email Rachel Jensen from Teak Hardwoods. This meant that new sources of teak had to be found, mostly stemming from plantations rather than the natural type found in Myanmar. An Analysis Of The Teak Market. Teak is one of the most widely used construction materials in these economies and the flow of timber from the Americas to South East Asia is vigorous, to say the least. Teak and Tropical Hardwood Sales Panama Teak Forestry is a direct supplier of teak and timber products. With the low tax rates, low cost of living and access to one of the most robust trading centers in the world, there are few places that offer as much potential as Panama. The fine hardwood, teak (tectona grandis), has been deemed the “gold of timber” for good reason.