:) Afiyet olsun, Ozlem. Revani has many versions and been enjoyed in various cuisines especially in the Eastern Mediterranean countries, as well as in Turkey. Combine butter, condensed Milk and mix well. Dear Sarah, thank you very much for stopping by, I hope you enjoy our version of revani; my mother always make it with mild olive oil, it is lighter but still packed with flavor. Merhaba, many thanks for stopping by and your kind note, do enjoy this favorite recipe of mine, Revani. Step 4. This semolina cake is inspired by the popular Turkish Revani and Egyptian Basbousa cake recipes. To check; insert a toothpick to the center of the cake, if it comes out clean, that means the cake is cooked. TRT Turk is the Cultural – News channel of Turkey’s national TV channel, TRT, aired over 70 countries. It tasted absolutely delicious and pretty much like what I tried in Turkey. Bake at … How to make it. Turkish Meze Recipes. Continue mixing until the batter turns a light yellow in colour. Make Batter– In a mixing bowl add condensed milk, yogurt, and olive oil. Easy Revani Recipe. Pin. This is the way we used to enjoy when I was a child Peri, mum always used to bake this delicious semolina cake with olive oil; the syrup is a little lighter here but we do enjoy it a lot this way – thanks for your kind words re the TV program, i will keep you posted Ozlem xx, [Marked as spam by Antispam Bee | Spam reason: Server IP] Slice and serve. Fascinating and so rich in history, Turkish cuisine today is the result of a melting pot of many civilizations which settled on these lands and which introduced usages, ingredients, recipes, and techniques from various countries. Thank you for the recipe. Congratulations on the TV appearance. Merhaba Mayine, many thanks for your note – you are right, 2 tbsp goes into greasing the pan and the remaining 2 tbsp goes into the recipe; thanks for letting me know, I made this clear in the recipe – hope you enjoy Revani! I plan in making this for my family. Ozlem Turkish Table Apron, TRT Interview and Online Classes, Online Cookery Classes coming up! 3/4. This looks like a great recipe – I usually find renai too heavu so I’ll give this one a go. (Also during that trip, for the first time, I had şalgam, sahlep, menemen – oh, I was so stuffed by the time we left, I thought I would explode! It's a cake soaked into lemon flavored syrup and you can enrich it with walnuts, pistachio or hazelnuts. Teşekkür ederim for the recipe!! I took a Turkish cooking class at Central Market San Antonio inspired by your recipes, and I wish I had been able to attend your Austin appearance recently. Cold syrup is poured on the hot cake while still in pan, then you let the cake to absorb the syrup. Should this be separated, 2 Tbsp to grease the pan plus 2 Tbsp for the recipe or 4 Tbsp for the batter? The main ingredient in revani is the semolina, a very coarse wheat product that's similar to Revani: Turkish Sponge Cake {Food of the World} - Lydia's Flexitarian Kitchen Revani is a Turkish sponge cake made with semolina a coarsely ground wheat product.It's simplicity means it's … Subscribe to our mailing list to get the latest updates straight in your inbox. Thank you for your kind note, Ozlem, Receipe looks amazing and this will be my first attempt on turkish delights. Semolina cake is a popular Middle Eastern recipe with an ancient history behind its preparation. Turned out to be fantastic! Tepsiyle beraber yerim yemin ediyorum. Watch our video recipe of this delicious sweet and Make quick and easy Turkish Revani. Monday, August 3, 2009 . Then add the remaining 2 tbsp. I follow a number of blogs dedicated to various international cuisines, but amongst my favourites is Ozlem’s Turkish Table . Let the cake absorb the syrup and cool down. I am dedicating this recipe to my dad who is so fond of sweets and my baked goodies. reviews (3) 67%. It's a cake soaked into lemon flavored syrup and you can enrich it with walnuts, pistachio or hazelnuts. Kevser-February 25, 2015. It’s a simple cake using semolina and soaked in sugar syrup. thanks Ozlem… so simple and will try this one soon.. Selamunalaikum! My revani came out the color of gingerbread because I used coconut sugar instead of white sugar but the flavors are delicious. Uzma Javed, Merhaba Uzma, thank you for your note; I made mine with regular yoghurt and it does help – I also wonder if you used grain semolina? Revani – Turkish Semolina Cake Soaked in Sugar and Lemon Syrup One absolutely great benefit of blogging about food is the great number of new cuisines and dishes I discover. Revani as we call this sweet semolina cake in Greek is basically a yellow sponge cake that gets steeped in a fragrant simple syrup. A very memorable Turkish tea, cay, I recently enjoyed at the Sofra Restaurant, Covent Garden – London, Delighted to have a small part at the Turkish Chefs of the World, “Dunyanin Turk Sefleri” TV program for TRT Turk; here with Milliyet food writer Sureyya Uzmez and TRT Producer        Ahmet Sabuncu, I was delighted to have a small yet delightful part at the Culinary TV program being shot for the Turkish TRT Turk channel, in London’s Covent Garden last weekend. Makes 16 Slices. I fell in love with this moist Middle Eastern cake called Basbousa. Twitter. Like many Turkish desserts, it is soaked with a sugar syrup, which adds sweetness as well as keeping properties. Revani is a traditional Middle Eastern sweet cake that has grown in popularity around the Mediterranean. My daughter’s revani cupcake; turned out wonderful!:). The traditional recipe calls for yogurt, since I ran out of it – I tried a different method using condensed milk. I thought so, my family thought so, and my colleagues at work thought so. A few months ago we were treated to a Middle Eastern treat called makrout that’s made with semolina and a date/walnut filling. thank you for a flop proof recipe. I know it’s hard to provide any advice on what I may have done wrong, but any thoughts you have would be welcome. This preciously chosen recipe from the world’s cuisine can be a quick escape when you have some unexpected guests. Bring to a boil. This salad can be made a day or two in advance; just keep it in the fridge until you’re ready to serve. This looks absolutely delicious. *The nutritional chart and the symbols refer to the basic recipe and not to the serving suggestions. Semolina cake is a popular Middle Eastern recipe with an ancient history behind its preparation. I LOVE revani / basbousa in all its forms, and have never tried an olive oil version! The photos with your recipe looked exactly like what we order but, sadly, when I made your version it came out very thick and dense, not light at all, and with none of the fluffiness the semolina flour should provide. Hello again Ozlem…following our thread from early in January, I have finally been able to find some coarser semolina, though I am still not sure it is the correct product, i.e. Thank you for replying Subscribe to get an email as new recipes are published, straight to your inbox. *If you ever try this recipe don’t forget to share your photos with me on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or tag me on Instagram @cookingwithsapana using the hashtag #cookingwithsapana and stay connected* I would love to see your creations from my space!! Share. Spinach Revabi Recipe - Ingredients: 3 eggs, 1/2 cup plain yogurt, 1/2 cup spinach puree (cooked in steam and then blended), 1/2 cup vegetable oil My cookery book, Ozlem’s Turkish Table, Recipes from My Homeland, is a special tribute to my roots, going back to Antakya. :) If you would like to bake revani as cupcakes, make sure to grease each cupcake shell with olive oil and not to overfill. The batter is poured into a baking pan and baked in a pre-heated oven for 20 to 40 minutes at 170 to 180˚C. Merhaba, delighted to get your note and your wonderful twist on the Revani, also loved the crushed pecans on top – so glad you enjoyed it, Afiyet Olsun! Thank you for this great and super easy recipe- everyone loved it. 1 cup granulated sugar 1 cup milk 2 cups semolina flour 1/2 tsp baking soda zest of one lemon cooking spray About 1/2 cup almonds SYRUP I teach Turkish cooking classes in England,Turkey & USA, hope you can join us!, with a little part from Ozlem’s Turkish Table , Turkish Baked Rice Pudding! Signed copies are  NOW 30 % OFF available to order at this link, Homemade Oruk, version of Kibbeh or Baked Icli Kofte, from Antakya, https://www.gbpublishing.co.uk/ozlemsturkishtable, https://www.gbpublishing.co.uk/product-page/ozlem-s-turkish-table-hardback, Baklava, Revani, Kunefe and More; Desserts for the End of Ramadan | Ozlem's Turkish Table, Please click here for more information & registration, Chickpea Salad with sumac onions, peppers, spinach and tomatoes, Ozlem's culinary and cultural trip photos to Turkey, Simit; Sesame-Encrusted Turkish Bread Rings, Turkish Meatballs, Kofte 101 and Grated Carrots, Red Cabbage Salad, Barbara’s wonderful hands-on Provencal cooking classes in France, Ghillie Basan, Turkish cookery books author. These lines which depict the life in Istanbul of 16 th century are from a poem by Revani, an Ottoman poet, an infamous libertine who lived in late 15 th and early 16 th centuries. , Merhaba Aruna, so delighted to hear that you all enjoyed Revani, wonderful news! The Turkish Semolina Cake in Syrup offers a subtle twist on this simple recipe. Beat the eggs with 1 cup sugar until the mixture whitens and thickens to the point where it drips slowly down when you lift up the spoon. Really delicious! here either – this is probably our favorite pud. It is also called Turkish Revani. This simple chopped dish is delicious as a side, salad, or wrapped in pita. Pour and level mixture into the greased pan. Revani, a Turkish semolina cake in syrup, sounded perfect since I love lemon. To check; insert a toothpick to the center of the cake, if it comes out clean, that means the cake is cooked. I used a cup of coconut sugar in the cake & made the syrup with just a cup of maple syrup & the juice of the lemon. can you the grain semolina? I also mentioned the growing interest for Turkish cuisine, thanks to you wonderful readers, and your enthusiasm to even tackle Turkish landmarks like Turkish Delight, Lokum, Simit – the sesame encrusted bread rings – , Gozleme; Anatolian stuffed flat breads and more. Remember to pin this recipe and share it with loved ones. Add lemon juice and make a syrup of honey-like consistency. Thank you for your kind words, I was delighted to have a small part : ). For syrup; The cake is characterized by its overpowering sweetness, a result of soaking the cake in sugar syrup after it has been baked. Syrup: Pour the batter into the greased baking dish and bake in the preheated oven for about 25 – 30 minutes, until the cake is golden brown. Grease 3 qt - 2.8 L Pyrex set aside . Pour the batter into the greased baking dish and bake in the preheated oven for about 25 – 30 minutes, until the cake is golden brown. Healthy, Delicious, Easy Turkish and Mediterranean Recipes For the Home Cook. It's a cake soaked into lemon flavored syrup and you can enrich it with walnuts, pistachio or hazelnuts. I have been looking through your recipes and found that almost every recepi reminds me of my mom. Semolina Sponge Cake (Revani) 3-4 eggs 1½ cups flour 1 cup sugar 1 cup semolina ½ cup melted margarine/butter 1 tsp/1 package baking powder 1 tsp/1 package vanilla . Flip. 0 from 0 votes. since we did not have a regular yogurt we used low fat , is that the reason ??? Pour it in the greased baking tray.