Nice to know that you enjoy cooking and I’m glad you found this space :) Thanks a lot for trying the recipe and also for posting a comment here.. Dear Maria… Love your posts, especially what you write before the recipe :) I had been in Bahrain for more than half of my life, reading your blog somehow brings be a bit of Bahrain and I love it too.. Keep going! Add the stir fired Okra/ Vendakka to the gravy. I think it's mainly because the best reward for cooking is seeing a smile on somebody's face when they eat the food cooked by you. Beautiful, I sometimes make this paal curry with spicy meat dishes looks yumm Julie. Giving credit won’t hurt :), Unda And Chammanthi (Steamed Rice Dumplings With…, Learn more about MariasMenu, Maria & Jose…. Yeah, I’ve seen some blogs with recipes copied from this space. This is one of the favorite and delicious vegetable stew in Kerala Cuisine. Since Jose doesn't like Okra, I never cook it. If you haven't noticed, awesome food pics releases so called “happy hormones” ;) So as I was going through this particular cookery book, I saw Okra Curry recipe and almost turned over the page instantly. Thank you Smita :) Hope you get to try this soon and like it too.. hahahha.. interesting read maria… i did this recently .. not mak vendakka curry.. but i went for vendakka pachadi.. u wont believe navin took a serving and hwen he knew it was vendakka , the poor thing got dumped… i love vendakka and i have again bought some more.. and he was like..why bhindi? Heat the oil in a pan and add the sliced onion pieces, dried red chillies and curry leaves. * Try using shallots as they are sweeter compared to regular onions. She never used cashews but after simmering coconut milk she would break few eggs directly into the vendakaya curry. I like you recipes but it takes so long for the website to load and for the recipes as well which makes it a bit tiresome and sometimes just makes me go to some other sites. hii maria…i tried vendaka curry today for my lunch….mmmm was hubby enjoyed it a lott.thanks maria.. I do hope you find something interesting! I've often noticed that people who do the cooking at home, tend to cook something which is liked by others and sacrificing their own likes. It's ok to love yourself at times ;), Btw, if you are newly married or at the beginning stage of your relationship, the above said things are not applicable for you. Suddenly a thought struck me.. why shouldn't I cook something, just because my husband doesn't like it? I tried that .. it came out very tasty. Ok, I need to tell you something else… if you are thinking Okra is my fav veggie and I miss eating it because of Jose,well… that's not the case. Vendakka Pal Curry is unique and special with fried ladies finger blended with other ingredients and coconut milk. Next time you do grocery/veggie shopping buy that special ingredient and cook up a storm with it and enjoy. Thanks for your reply. Okra is cooked in the tamarind with coconut spices mixture having a nice aroma and texture. (read it in Vendakka Aksharam :), Hi Maria, I liked the write-up and I totally agree with it. :), that stone bowl is too good yaar!I can never have bhindi in liquid curry< though this recipe sounds promosing. Simple theme. It can be served as a side dish for appam, chapati or with rice. I appreciate every new recipe with okra; thanks for sharing! Serve with plain rice. Add the 2nd milk or thin coconut milk,adjust salt to taste.Cover and simmer for 4-5  mins until the okra cooks up well and the sauce thickens.Add in the lemon juice,adjust salt if required. happy and smiling faces of your loved ones :), OMG, I wrote this much and not a word about the okra curry, hhmmm… If you like Okra, you will enjoy this. Mushroom Manchurian(Dry Version) | Veg Appetizer |... Ethakka Puttu | Nendran Pazham Puttu | Ripe Plant... Green Chilli Pickle | Pacha Mulakku Achar | North ... Eggless Almond Cookies | Indian Almond Biscuits. Ok, that's it, I'm making it and I dont care whether he likes it or not. Then add thin coconut milk along with turmeric powder,fenugreek seeds,green chilly slits and cook for 10 minutes by closing the pan in medium heat.Stir occasionally. That said,I dislike Okra so you know what NOT to cook for me if I am around:), what all things we do just to bug them na ;) I’ll keep in mind that you dont like Okra.. btw, that reminds me our meeting is long pending :(. But if you use canned coconut milk like I do then this sure is a recipe to list among your quick fix curries. How does your day go on such days? Nice to know that you like the recipes :), the way present ur recipes is really and they are worth it. I havent tried it with brinjal, it’s a nice idea :). I checked it from my end many times and it’s loading without much delay. hope u doing good.. great job wid the blog.. keep it going. Give it a try and see for yourself…. * Use only coconut oil for this traditional curry for getting the authentic tastes. Wait for 2 minutes and turn off the fire. soak a handful of cashews in 2-3 tbsp hot water for 10-15 mins and grind to a smooth paste. Since I wasnt very happy with “my attitude” for the day, I wanted to do something to cheer up myself and checking out my cookery books seemed like a good idea. they will delete it.. take care… u have an awesome site.. I’m looking to try the okra recipe soon and wanted to ask if i can replace coconut milk with yoghurt instead? luv merin, Thanks Merin, I’m doing good :) I havent tried meat ball curry yet…. Finally,add the thick coconut milk on low flame and give a quick stir,switch off flame. Keep covered for 10 minutes and then serve warm !! I was always on the look out for an okra dish and this one looks really good. Chilli powder – 1 small… Because, for you “love is blind” now and you are in the “love and love” only stage :) Though the romantic dreamer in me wants to say that it will be like that forever, the realist in me says that sooner or later the day will come when you want to cook something just for yourself (it's not an everyday thing, but it happens). My husband doesn’t like that taste. Another variation to this curry is the Maangaa Mappas, a favourite of mine. Looking forward for more and more yummy dishes. Finally,add the thick coconut milk on low flame and give a quick stir,switch off flame. You can prepare that if you have idli or dosa batter at home. maria im a new reader.. Pls pls watermark your images.. whole blogs are being started only by copying your recipes… you must be the only person who has not watermarked yet.. it doesn’t affect photo quality in any way.. u can also report to google or wordpress about the fake blogs. Lady’s finger fried and cooked in spicy coconut and yogurt based gravy. Don’t boil the curry after adding the thick coconut milk ..Just cook for 1 minute while stirring continuously. Vendakka Curry – Okra In Spicy Coconut Milk Gravy This easy to make Kerala style curry pairs amazingly well with rice. Can I use water instead? Please don’t steal the photos. thanks a ton. Sharing Is Caring! You can see the earlier recipes of MM here: 1 cup of thin coconut milk; Salt for the taste; 2-3 dried red chillies; Method of preparation of Vendakka mappas or Ladies finger recipe with grated coconut milk.