Introducing the Gold Standard Business Network


Thrive DC is pleased to announce the launch of our new Gold Standard Business Network (GSBN). Over the past few months, we created GSBN to offer our clients who are returning citizens, a network of businesses in the DC area that are committed to helping them rejoin the workforce after a period of incarceration. GSBN is a powerful resource that provides employment opportunities to returning citizens so they can successfully reintegrate into their respective communities. By identifying these outstanding businesses that will offer people a chance to find employment, GSBN will do the following: reduce recidivism rates, decrease neighborhood crime, and promote economic stability.

As our Executive Director Alicia Horton stated, “Tapping into a pool of dedicated, eager, and ambitious applicants can only help businesses thrive.”  Kimberly Gray, Thrive DC’s Re-entry Program Manager, spearheaded the program by reaching out to local companies and launching the initiative in September. Through this program, Kim hopes to break cycles of recidivism and rebuild lives.

Thrive DC looks forward to working with this group of companies to help give our reentry clients have access to employment opportunities that will help to change their lives. If your company is interested in joining the GSBN, click here to apply.