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"I could do everything here" - Story from Marvin

Posted on May 15, 2012

Marvin had been a gardener at the U.S. Supreme Court for two years when a sudden change in management resulted in him losing his job.  The series of events that followed were rapid and devastating.  Marvin was nearing retirement age and instead of looking forward to that, he had to spend his savings to survive.  He lost his car, his home and with what felt like dizzying speed, Marvin found himself alone living on the streets.  He says, “I was green. I didn’t know anything about how to survive as a homeless person.”

While staying at one of the shelters in downtown DC, Marvin was befriended by a group of men who were also homeless. They took Marvin under their wing and brought him to Thrive DC.  Marvin says, “Thrive DC is where I really started to progress. I could do everything here... have a warm breakfast, take a shower, use the computer lab and get help from Jessica (Director of Social Services) and other staff and volunteers with the many different challenges I faced. “

With steady progress and much hard work on his part, Marvin got a job last summer and for the next six months he focused on achieving his next goal – finding housing so he can marry his girlfriend and start a new life with her.  After being denied housing on three attempts, Marvin received keys to an apartment in a transitional housing program.  He and his fiance have begun making plans for their wedding.

Marvin says, “I’d like for everyone at Thrive DC who helped me along the way to know I’m doing great. Thank you for all you have done for me!”

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