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Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Anna!

Posted on November 4, 2016

Volunteer Spotlight: Anna

We got a chance to sit down and talk with Anna, one of our many amazing volunteers!
What is your background outside of Thrive DC?

I’m a senior at American University studying international relations and law. I’m hoping to go to law school next year and pursue human rights law.

What got you interested in volunteering here?

I was looking for a new place to volunteer regularly, and I felt that Thrive was the perfect place to give back to a city that’s provided me with so many amazing experiences over the years.

How is your experience going?

I love Thrive! I really enjoy the time I spend there each week. I feel like I tell everyone I know about how much I love volunteering there20161028_100432-1. I’ve even gotten some of my friends from school to volunteer with me!

What do you like best about volunteering with Thrive DC?

I love getting to know the clients. It’s a great feeling when they recognize you and you start to really get to know them beyond “hello.”

What has been an emotional moment that stood out to you?

I’ve had a few long talks with one of our regular clients who is in her 80’s. I look forward to her visits as she often shares intimate stories with me, and offers advice. She has an amazing life story and it’s really hard to see all the difficulties she’s facing so late in life. But her positivity and light-hearted attitude is truly inspiring. She’s always making me laugh.

Have you discovered anything about Thrive DC that you were surprised or impressed about?

I’m very impressed with the variety of comprehensive services that Thrive offers given their relatively small staff, and limited space.

What service or program are you most proud of Thrive DC providing?

I think Thrive’s Real Opps program is phenomenal. It’s a great way for those with large gaps in their employment history to get back into the workforce, something that really isn’t easy to do.

What would you like to see Thrive DC do more of?

I would like to see Thrive offer a more comprehensive substance abuse recovery program.

Is there anything you wish the city was doing differently for the homeless now that you’ve been working with them?

I would like for DC to offer more services and outreach for those who are both homeless and struggling with mental illness.

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