Thrive DC is excited to have our very own music therapist! This is the first time we’ve had someone in this position, and it’s been exciting to see clients react to expressing themselves in a different way. We love having Jael, and can’t wait for our first concert!

JaelWhat made you interested in helping the homeless with music therapy specifically?

I’ve always wanted to use my skills to bring joy and help empower individuals who are traditionally marginalized in our communities.

Music is something that has impacted my life on a personal level and so sharing that with others is something that brings me a lot of joy.

How did you hear about Thrive DC?

When I was job searching, I saw an advertisement for Thrive DC on I researched the organization and thought that it was exactly the type of place I want to work.

What is an awesome moment you’ve had at Thrive DC so far?

Music-based activities are new to the evening program, so when I initiated the program’s first sing along I was concerned that no one would come.

As the hour progressed our sing-a-long circle got bigger and bigger, and when I looked around the room I saw that many people who did not even join the circle were singing. The music really united the room!

What do you see as the biggest need among the people you work with?

Recently I had a conversation with a women in the evening program who expressed how she wants to be seen as being more than just her physical needs.

Food and shelter are a big needs that need to be addressed for the homeless population, but also their humanity should be nurtured. That is why I am so happy that there are so many other services, such as haircuts, writing work shops, and the creative arts are offered!

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about developing relationships with others and treating every human well. I think that would make the world such a different place, if all of us at an individual level just treated others with respect and kindness.

What’s your favorite breakfast food?

I am in love with buttermilk waffles, but breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and most hot breakfast food appeals to me.

What’s a cool and interesting fact about yourself?

I studied jazz voice and regularly attend blues jam. I occasionally perform at folk festivals.

Learn More

To learn more about music therapy at Thrive DC, you can contact Jael at [email protected].

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