Change is Possible

In 2018, Ms. Karen came to us as a final attempt to seek help. She knew very little about Thrive, but had heard of it from others.

Recently re-entering the world after incarceration, Ms. Karen has no job, no prospects, and was struggling with a mental health illness. She showed up at Thrive’s door and we helped her work through the trauma and guilt that was weighing her down and holding her back.

She joined our Women in New Directions (WIND) Program and quickly learned the life skills she needed to apply for jobs, interview, and eventually be hired by an employer.

When she graduated from our WIND Program, she worked hard to grow from a menial job to one she was passionate about, and currently works for Community Family Life Services (CFLS) helping others who face the same challenges that Ms. Karen faced as a returning citizen.

“What Thrive DC gives us is structure and support after a really traumatic period of our lives,” Ms. Karen said. “Knowing they’re in our corner gives us the confidence to move forward. Without Thrive and CFLS, I wouldn’t have been able to do it.”

Ms. Karen always had it in her to thrive, but it was the compassion and care that she found here at Thrive that helped her realize it within herself. Change is possible, and together we can make sure that everyone has a chance to thrive.