Rianna, Naomi, and Jennifer knew growing up that they wanted to make a change in their community. As best friends they decided to put their goals into action and in 2014, they created their own non-profit called Flourish while still in high school. Starting up “grassroots style,” they began to raise funds for those in need.

Balancing school and their fundraisers, they asked for canned donations as birthday gifts and sold bracelets at school events for charity. Overall, they are “dedicated to the concept that small gestures can have a big impact.” They’ve used their resources to donate food, clothing, and school supplies locally and internationally.

“It’s been more rewarding and educational than we ever could’ve imagined. Picking the grassroots avenue means we are involved in every step of the way for a project… When you’ve been through every stage of the process like that, you have a special intimacy with the end product. It’s an incredible feeling.” – Flourish

Currently, many of Flourish’s local projects have taken place at Thrive DC. They’ve cooked meals, arranged coat drives, put together toiletry packets and, most recently, donated undergarments for A Perfect Fit Day.

Outside of Thrive DC, their global projects revolve around their “Little Sisters” initiative, empowering girls in Guatemala, India, and Ethiopia. To Support Flourish and for more information, click here to view their website!

“The best memories stem from learning experiences. I remember the first time we came to pass out sandwiches at Thrive, we were a little nervous, but so many of the clients we met were very friendly and really put us at ease. Or when we Skyped with some of the little girls in India, they blew kisses and waved and smiled… All these moments are so motivating and we learn a lot.

“The most rewarding part of Flourish… is really getting to learn more from those you serve than you could ever try to offer them… We’re so inspired by all the people we serve, from the clients we’ve met at Thrive to the little girls in developing countries – their patience, optimism, and strength in the face of adversity is amazing.”

– Flourish


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