Renshaw James (Case Manager/Job Developer) and Kiyara Zerbager (Job Developer) are the newest additions to our newly expanded four person Employment Team! For the first time in a while there are no open positions at Thrive DC.

We’re excited to see what this team can do and look forward to many positive success stories to come!

Renshaw James

Renshaw James

What made you interested in helping people looking for work?

RJ: What I liked about the Job Developer position was being a resource to people who became unemployed because of some mishap in their life. I wanted to be there helping them back on their feet.

Part of my job is to work at the Skyland Workforce Center in Southeast which I find so rewarding. There are a lot of people looking for opportunities there and I want to make that happen for them. There is nothing more than rewarding then helping someone get a job that lets them stand on their own two feet again.

KZ: As a Social Work graduate, my first position was working with adults and youth seeking employment. I enjoyed working along them and being a part of every step!

Kiyara Zerbager

Kiyara Zerbager

What makes Thrive DC different than other homeless programs?

RJ: The programs offered here at Thrive DC are unique because of how engaged we are with clients. We’re actively connecting with everyone and anyone on a consistent day-to-day basis not just with services, but also as people.

KZ: Thrive DC is a one-stop shop and this makes it such a convenience to people who struggle with transportation. For someone who can’t afford public transit Thrive DC services are easily accessible and beneficial.

What is an awesome moment you’ve had at Thrive DC so far?

RJ: Being able to go throughout the city and promote Thrive DC. I love talking to people about our resources and what we can do for them!

KZ: My co-workers make my experience at Thrive DC awesome. Everyone has been so open and helpful.

What do you see as the biggest need among the people you work with?

RJ: At Thrive DC: cohesiveness is the biggest need due to our small size. There’s not a lot of us, so everyone plays a key role in our clients’ success stories.

KZ: For our clients: employment opportunities for people with a criminal background. There are so many doors closed to our clients who have been incarcerated, which is unfair to people who have completed their sentence and are ready for a second chance.

What are you passionate about?

RJ: Effective Public Service work! I’ve been working in this field for about five years. I love the feeling of helping someone in their time of need.

KZ: Ensuring that individuals reach a point where they are self-sufficient. That’s what it’s all about.

What’s your favorite breakfast food?

RJ: My favorite breakfast of all time is Steak & Eggs.

KZ: Almond croissant with chai tea.

What’s a cool and interesting fact about yourself?

RJ: I am the first male in my family to complete both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree. I lost a parent at a young age which made me tenacious; I’m happy that I beat the odds, and I want to pass on that success to others.

KZ: I’m the only Canadian in the office. LOL I don’t know.

Contact The Employment Team

If you would like to speak to Ren or Kiyara, either for help with employment or to volunteer with our Employment Program, you can reach Ren at [email protected] or Kiyara at [email protected].