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I’m very happy because I sent two clients to rehab this week.”

“It’s not about me, it’s about the clients.

They found the right attitude and accepted that they needed help to stop using alcohol and drugs.”

– Gabriel Fabre, Morning Program Coordinator & Substance Abuse Counselor

Next Step TeamTheir Next Step

For many of our clients, getting out of homelessness is a long journey.

They are recovering from years of living on the streets and experiencing one failure after another.

Thrive DC is here to help clients take their next step forward out of homelessness.

And then the next step, and then the next all the way home.

Your Next Step

We need help getting our clients home. Whether you’ve volunteered or donated before, we need to you to take the next step and become a monthly donor.

Will you join our Next Step Team, and support our clients taking their next step out of homelessness?

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