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Emergency Services

We provide clients low-barrier access to basic necessities, allowing us to build a foundation of trust and rapport while addressing immediate needs so clients have the capacity to seek help in other areas of life.
Meals & Groceries
Seasonal Clothing & Resources
Showers, Laundry, & Personal Hygiene
Mail & Computer Access

Hot Meals

A person experiencing homelessness or economic crisis cannot begin the journey to self-independence without the sustenance of nourishing, healthy meals.

That's why we serve over 2,000 clients annually Monday-Friday with hot breakfast and cold lunches to-go.

For clients that desire community and a sense of belonging, we offer our building as a safe space to gather together, eat a meal, and start their day on the right foot.

Food Pantry

Many of the clients we serve are experiencing daily food insecurity and need access to basic groceries. 

Every Thursday, we offer a food pantry that provides each client with enough groceries to feed a family of four for several days.

From fresh ingredients to pre-made meals, giving our clients access to healthy groceries allows them to focus on  finding employment, securing stable housing, and addressing health concerns.

Seasonal Clothing

Between the boiling heat of summer and the biting cold of winter, our unhoused clients need access to appropriate clothing to protect them from the unpredictable climate of Washington, DC.

We keep seasonal clothing available for clients to have at any point during the year. Because the winters can be extremely cold in the city, we offer an annual coat drive that provides clients with heavy duty winter gear such as coats, gloves, scarves, hats, blankets, and thermals. 

Daily Showers

Everyone deserves the opportunity to feel clean, especially those without stable housing. Sometimes the first step to self-sufficiency is getting a warm, hot shower.

We offer two time slots for men and women to come into our facilities to take showers. We provide clean towels and toiletries, and clients only need to make an appointment.


We recognize that paying for laundry is something that our clients often can't afford to do, as other necessities like food, water, and shelter take priority.

That's why we offer free access to laundry machines for men and women to use throughout the week. Clients need only to make an appointment, and our staff handles the rest.

Hygiene Supplies

Whether it's hand sanitizer, chapstick, or body wash -- we always have plenty of new and unopened toiletry items in our office to give to clients in need. We believe that every person has the dignity to feel clean and smell their best as they take next steps towards independence.

Feminine Products

Many of our clients who have periods go without the maxi-pads they need for a variety of reasons: they’re too embarrassed to ask, they forgot to get some at a shelter, the shelter may have run out of the type of product they needed.

That's why we always maintain a large supply of feminine products to give to any individual in need, including tampons, maxi-pads, bras, underwear, etc. 

Mail Services

Without a stable living situation, individuals don't have an address -- and therefore don't have a way to receive any mail. This often inhibits people from applying to jobs, housing programs, or other social services.

That's why we allow over 1,000 clients to use our address for applications, ID documents, and to give to relatives during their time of transition. 

Computer Access 

We offer internet connected desktops to clients who are active participants in our programs. This allows individuals to work on their resume, apply to jobs, and improve computer literacy.

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