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Reentry Support

We help returning citizens have a successful transition home from incarceration.
1 in 5 returning citizens will be homeless within the first three months of their release.
Without the proper support systems in place, individuals coming home from incarceration face many challenges to finding secure housing, employment, and community.

At Thrive DC, our goal is to lower recidivism rates among returning citizens and help them have a successful transition home. Our New Directions program equips individuals with life skills education, employment assistance, and counseling – all without restrictions on sobriety, without time limits, and without judgment over their conviction.

We also offer C.H.A.N.G.E., an eight-week program led by a returning citizen designed to bring awareness to and support individuals addicted to a criminal lifestyle. We aim to foster a safe space learning environment geared around healthy dialogue and peer to peer support.

Meet Janice, Returning Citizen

Janice was released from prison after 4 years. Lacking a home and employment, she began hopping from house to house in search of a steady income and living situation. She struggled with re-entry programs that didn't provide enough hands-on support, getting rejected once employers processed her background check, and challenging mental health issues.

Worst of all, she faced negative perceptions and stereotypes from society because of her status as a returning citizen. Eventually, Janice landed back in prison for another 9 months.

When she was released a second time, she was determined it would be different. Janice became a dedicated student in Thrive DC's New Directions program and was finally able to meet basic needs, such as hygiene, clothing, and transportation. She also learned important life skills and was referred to a substance abuse program and mental health agency.

In under two weeks, Janice had 2 job offers!

Make an Impact

Lower recidivism rates by helping returning citizens have a successful transition back into society.
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