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Client's Stories: Russeline's Journey

Posted on March 9, 2015

Russeline came to Thrive DC two years ago during a period of crisis in her life. She had no food, no access to clean clothing, and no place to live. She struggled with addiction and was experiencing mental and chronic health problems.

Russeline spent more than 6 years living on the streets and in incarceration with nowhere to go and no one to support her. She came to Thrive by suggestion from her friend and she says the staff at Thrive helped her become a person she is proud of.

At first she only expected a meal, but with the help of Trenett, Jemahl, Nicole, and others, she has found so much more.

Russeline now has a job at a dental clinic, has her health problems under control with support from Thrive, and no longer feels the need to take drugs. Staff at Thrive helped Russeline to get healthy, obtain insurance, and attend job training sessions.

She attributes her successes to her friends at Thrive that literally saved her life. “Without Thrive DC, I don’t know if I would’ve made it. Now I get up every day knowing I’m going to do something responsible.”

Russeline continues to meet with Jemahl and Trenett and receive services from Thrive DC, but she is finally in a place in her life where she feels happy. “I smile 90% of the time now,” she says, “If I can do it, anyone can do it.”

“Most of all, I found friends at Thrive DC,” says Russeline.

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