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New artist Eddie Boxxer is using his music to support Thrive DC in our mission to end and prevent homelessness in DC. He will be donating proceeds from his new music video, "It's My Choice" to Thrive DC because he feels passionate that in a nation with so many resources, there should be no one without shelter.

We sat down with Boxxer to discuss inspiration behind his new song and why he chose to donate to Thrive. Check out his interview and the song that made it all happen below!

We are very grateful for donors like Eddie who chose to support us in so many ways. Thank you for helping us to keep our one-stop shop running so that individuals and families in crisis can find it within them to thrive.

Interview with Eddie Boxxer

What's the song about?

There was no attempt at subtlety when I wrote the title, and lyrics, of "It's My Choice." The track is about inspiration, self-worth, and positivity. My hope is that listeners can draw something positive from the song, and incorporate it into their lives, as well as others in their sphere. To be honest, I didn't set out to write the song. Many artists have lyrics, or at least an idea or theme, when they begin to put a track together, I (with few exceptions) write the music first, it always feels more comfortable. Once the general music template is established, the theme and lyrics seem to fall into place. With the sincerest of intentions, I always hope that someone can take something positive from a piece that I've written, and incorporate it into their lives. "It's My Choice" seems to strike a chord with folks, and for that, I'm truly grateful!

Why choose Thrive as a charity to support?

There are so many wonderful causes, and wonderful people who get involved with them. In a society that's driven by greed, power, and image, it's reassuring to know there are folks who selflessly, and without recognition, put humanity and compassion above all else. My manager and I began our search in my community. There are many worthwhile efforts, but I wanted to select an organization that most lined up with the spirit of the song. One of the first things to catch my eye was the mission statement of Thrive DC, "Our mission is to end and prevent homelessness in Washington D.C." Homelessness has been a hot button for me as long as I can remember. In a nation with as many resources as we have, there should be no one without shelter. The way I see it, shelter and healthcare are rights not privileges! Why do I believe this? The answer is simple - because I'm human, and so are the folks in need.

Obviously the theme of believing in yourself and not giving in to negativity is something that's incredibly relevant and personal for our clients. What has helped you get through the low points and tough moments in your life?

Luckily, I've a great support system in my family and friends. I suffer from general anxiety, and even with support, I've had some rough times. I can't imagine what it would be like to have this, or any condition, and not have the support of friends and family, let alone food or shelter. I'm an extrovert, so being in the company of others seems to help when I'm going through a low point. I'm a big fan of comedy and that has taught me to see the world in a different way. If you can extract even a modicum of laughter from a tough situation, the mood will shift and there's an opportunity to build on the positivity.

Why do you think it's important to give back?

Giving is part of our human condition. Most of us adhere to a code of morality that includes empathy and compassion. It seems unnatural to not want to uplift and inspire, even if receiving nothing in return. That being said, anyone who helps another will receive the greatest compensation of all, knowing that someone is better off because of them.


Washington, D.C. — Ford’s Theatre Society announced that a donation drive during performances of A Christmas Carol has raised $84,383.57 for the Washington-based charity Thrive DC. Donations were collected November 20-December 28, 2014. In addition to the curtain call collection, patrons also were encouraged to make donations through the Ford’s Theatre Box Office, and members of the Ford’s Theatre Society staff donated money to the campaign.

On December 11, members of the cast of A Christmas Carol also volunteered by serving dinner and assisting with the Women’s Program for Thrive DC clients. The group also helped organize more than 350 coats which were distributed to 190 people in need the following day.

Since 2009, A Christmas Carol audiences, cast, crew and staff have raised more than $461,500 for local charity, including Covenant House Washington, Martha’s Table, Miriam’s Kitchen, So Others Might Eat (SOME) and Bread for the City.

“Each year I am inspired by the extraordinary generosity of our patrons and the enthusiasm of the Christmas Carol cast and crew to make this charity drive happen,” said Director of Ford’s Theatre Paul R. Tetreault. “Supporting the local community through these collections has become one of our favorite Ford’s traditions, and I know our audiences have helped secure a happier new year for many low-income and homeless families and individuals served by Thrive DC.”

“At a time when other nearby homeless programs are being forced to close, this tremendous support from the Ford’s Theatre community will not only help Thrive DC stay open but also expand to fill the gap in emergency services,” said Thrive DC’s Executive Director Alicia Horton. “The more than 200 homeless and low-income men, women and children who walk through our doors each day will feel the impact of this outpouring of generosity in the form of nutritious meals, hot showers, clean clothes, and access to computers, legal aid, job training, employment support and other specialized support. Our heartfelt thanks go out to the Ford’s Theatre and the cast, crew, staff and audiences of A Christmas Carol for making such an incredibly impactful donation.”

Thrive DC
Founded in 1979, Thrive DC, previously known as the Dinner Program for Homeless Women, is dedicated to preventing and ending homelessness. In the last 35 years Thrive DC has grown and evolved from a volunteer-run soup kitchen to a comprehensive anti-poverty organization open to anyone in need regardless of age, gender, background, race or ethnicity. Each day, 200-275 homeless and low-income men, women and children enter Thrive DC’s doors for meals, job training, employment support, emergency services, housing placement assistance and other specialized support. Because of its organizational efficiency and programmatic impact, Thrive DC was selected by the 2012-13 Catalogue for Philanthropy as “one of the best small charities in the Greater Washington region.”

Ford’s Theatre Society
Since reopening in 1968, more than a hundred years after President Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, Ford’s Theatre has celebrated Lincoln’s legacy and explored the American experience through theatre and education. Under the leadership of Director Paul R. Tetreault, Ford’s Theatre has been recognized for the superior quality of its artistic programming. With works from the nationally acclaimed Big River to the world premieres of Meet John Doe, The Heavens Are Hung In Black, Liberty Smith, Necessary Sacrifices and The Widow Lincoln, Ford’s Theatre is making its mark on the American theatre landscape. For its accomplishments, the organization was honored in 2008 with the National Medal of Arts. For more information, visit www.fords.org.

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