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We couldn't do this critical work without your help and continued support for our homeless clients. We will be sharing stories that resonate with our clients, staff, and volunteers though our Stories of Hope via e-mail and on the blog. Cayley, our Development Intern, sat down with Nick Rosenbach to learn more about why he continues to be a steadfast supporter of all things Thrive DC!

We heard you were a staff member before you started to volunteer, what was your position here?

I was the breakfast program manager and also a former board member.

How long have you been with Thrive?

I think I started around the beginning of 2010.

How did you first hear about Thrive?

I had been volunteering at Miriam’s Kitchen and Charlie’s Place, which are both similar organizations to Thrive. It was through their network that I heard there was a staff position open here. I had been volunteering at both places for a long time and loved it so much that I thought that I should be doing this for a living.

What made you want to work at Thrive?

I guess it was the clients, I was already sort of familiar with the struggles our clients already had. I had some experience in dealing with that and I thought that I could focus and as a staff member I would have more resources to assist people.

How has your experience been with Thrive overall?

Overall, incredibly positive. I recommend to all my friends to either donate or volunteer.

What has stood out to you the most when volunteering?

Just how thoughtful and caring the staff members are and the lengths they will go to help clients.

Is there a moment with a client that has stood out to you, in your eight years, that has really hit home?

I don’t know if I have just one. There has been a number of clients that have passed away that bothered me because they ended up dying on the street and was a horrible way to go. There is always joy when we are able to find somebody a home or apartment. The best part is when we get to take a picture of them holding up their keys. To me, that is the real success, moving people off the street.

This ties to that question, what is the most rewarding moment you have had at Thrive?

I don’t know if I can pull out one single instance so I will give a general. Everytime I am here, or everytime I leave, I feel like I have made a difference in some small way. Whether it is helping people be fed, or helping someone fill out their SNAP form, connecting someone to housing.

How has Thrive evolved, or grown, since you started here?

We have expanded our job core program. It’s not enough just to feed people or connect them with temporary shelter, what we really need to do is get them back on their feet. That comes with a paying job. We have now some funders who are underwriting two staff members to help people with resumes and job searches. So, that is where we have expanded since I have been here.

Is there anything else you would like to touch base on or to share with people who are thinking about volunteering?

I am repeating myself, but this a message to someone who is thinking of volunteering. If you really want to make a difference, really want to help people, really want to help improve the community; Thrive is a great place to start.  

By Cayley, Development & Communications Intern at Thrive DC

Cayley is a senior at Oklahoma State University studying Agricultural Communications. She has a passion for helping others and hope her words can inspire others to feel the same.

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