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On June 24th, Thrive DC co-hosted with Free Minds Book Club and Writing Workshop an open conversation about what life after incarceration was really like.

Moderated by Aja Beckham, the conversation between Aaliyah Polite, Jameon Gray, and Margaret LaPell covered how the stigma of their conviction shadowed how they made friends and applied for work, how to build trust between NIMBY advocates and returning citizens, and wanting to be judged by who they are now and not the mistakes in their past.

Returning citizens are just looking for a chance to thrive. But the stigma of their incarceration doesn't give them a real second chance. 80% of people coming home experience prejudice based on their status. And that's not fair.

A Chance To Thrive is a campaign to destigmatize returning citizens and get neighbors, employers, and friends to see them as the people they are and not the label they've been given. Please take time to watch the video below of our conversation, and if you're inspired, visit www.AChanceToThrive.com to see how you can get involved.

“Once they found out that label everything changed.” - Margaret

“It isn’t fair to say Not In My Backyard. How long has it been your backyard?” - Aaliyah

“Empathy is definitely a big word, and especially when a person has went through a traumatic experience, and is trying to get over that experience, and then turn that experience to the better for themselves.” - Jameon

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