Thrive DC works daily to build a community of acceptance and welcome within our walls. We encourage volunteers to learn from the men and women who come here for support and encourage our clients to share their stories with our volunteers. These relationships help to break down some of the stereotypes of homelessness and the causes behind it. If you want to raise your voice to change any of the reasons below you can call or write to your local and state government representatives and share your feelings.

10. Extended Illness

9. Prisoner Re-entry

8. Poverty

7. Unemployment

6. Family Issues / Domestic Violence

5. Drug Dependence

4. Alcohol Addiction

3. Physical or Mental Disability

2. Low Paying Jobs / Loss of Job

1. Lack of Affordable Housing

*This list was adapted from PBS- Facts and Figures: The Homeless ( and The National Coalition for the Homeless (

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