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Thriving Rhythms: Thrive DC's Music Group

Posted on January 20, 2015

“Overall, my style of connecting with clients involves de-emphasizing their everyday problems. The purpose of music group is to allow them to get away, relax, and enjoy without having to discuss topics like mental illness and internal struggles unless it's necessary.

“Our clients are forced all the time to talk about these issues to get services, and have to be more open with their vulnerabilities just because of their situation. Although I know that music group definitely helps with these struggles, it’s enough just to be a place where we can interact as normal people and share something that we love.”

- Brenna, Morning Program Assistant

One of the things our clients have been asking for, for a long time, is a music group. There is a lot of talent among the people who come to Thrive and, as much as it’s a cliché, music is a universal language. Some like to play, some like to sing, and some just want to be in a room with live music. Even though we knew it was something clients wanted, we were still surprised at how many people rushed to join.

A few weeks ago we had our second meeting. We were lucky enough to bring in professional musicians Rochelle Rice and Mark Meadows to give a mini concert. It was great to have a different activity for our program. And, it was even better to hear clients sing, play, and let their talents shine.

As the music group continues to meet, we want it to be a comfortable space where clients can forget about what’s going on outside and lose themselves in something they love. For the staff facilitating the group, it’s our chance to “take off the service provider hat” and engage with everyone on an equal playing field – enjoying and playing music.

We are still in the early stages of forming an identity as a group, but we’re looking forward to playing music together, exploring different genres, and jamming with other musicians from the community.

Big thanks to our supporters like Fox Music for their generous donation of music instruments! If you would like to help the music group or support our musicians with donated instruments, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator Greg Rockwell at 202-503-1528 or volunteer@thrivedc.org.

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