Top 10 Stories of Hope in 2017

2017 was a tough year.

Right off the bat we felt inundated with negative news stories; it felt impossible to watch the news, look at our email, or have a conversation without learning something depressing.

That’s why we started keeping track of our Stories of Hope. Every week something good is happening at Thrive DC, whether it’s a job, housing, or someone taking a small step out of homelessness.

We want people to know that even if they’re frustrated, they are a part of something special here at Thrive DC.

Below in no particular order are our 10 favorite Stories of Hope from this year.

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  1. What Housing Can Mean To Our Clients

Housing & Clients

2. When We’re Ready For Change, Good Things Start Happening

Ready for Change

3. We Believe In Dignity


4. Big Moments Happen When We Aren’t Watching

Big Moments

5. Community Heals The Heart


6. Not Just A New Start, But A Real Chance

A Real Chance

7. Night Is Darkest Before The Dawn


8. What Don’t We Do?

9. Donations Make A Difference

Donations Make a Difference

10. A Meal Feeds The Body, Poetry Feeds The Soul


Honorable Mentions

There are so many stories that we’d like to share, but the stories above are some of our favorite.

The stories below we liked as well even though they didn’t make the top 10. But we wanted to include them anyway!