It’s not really spring cleaning and it’s not really a top “ten”, I know, but did you know that you probably have things laying around your house that you think of as clutter that our clients would love for you to donate? Each day we provide not only hot meals but also access to showers, laundry, and a variety of emergency services to over 200 men and women. This means that we’re constantly in need of supplies. Take a look over the list below and think about how many times you might have thought of these same items as “clutter” and then do us a favor and bring your clutter in to donate!

5. Old Backpacks and Book bags If you’re like me you probably replace an aging backpack with a new one (you need it, it’s on sale!) and then “forget” to donate or throw away the bag you were trying to replace. If you look into your hall closet and you have more bags in there than you really use we’d love to help you out. Many of our clients are working to stabilize their lives by attending school and a backpack can make all the difference for someone just trying to fit in.

4. Disposable Plates, Cups, and Silverware Last time you threw a party did you have plates and cups left over? Are you still looking at last year’s Halloween or Christmas theme paper napkins? Help us make each meal here at Thrive DC as festive as possible… We don’t care if its the right season or not! Donating your leftover disposable plates will help us save our budget for where we need it most.

3. Promotional Tshirts Do you run 5k races? How about school events or benefits? The number of events and activities that hand out tshirts in DC is staggering, especially considering the number of times you’re likely to wear that tshirt. Race for the Cure 2009? Check. Baltimore Women’s Classic 2011? Check. Warrior Dash 2010-11? Check and Check. Clearing out my “laundry day” shirt supply has freed up precious closet space and has allowed me to provide a much needed resource to members of my community who need it.

2. Reusable Bags How many times have you gotten to the grocery store only to realize you’ve forgotten your handy reusable shopping bag? It happens to me all the time and I always end up buying a new one at the store to make up for it. Who really needs that many reusable bags? Make a real difference for folks who don’t have a home to keep all of their things by donating your reusable bags today. I promise we’ll find them a good home.

1. Travel Size Toiletries We all grab them when we stay at hotels, but do you ever really use those tiny bottles of shampoo? Our clients do – we are one of very few organizations that provide free access to showers 5 days a week and hand out thousands of those little bottles each month. Take a minute and check that crowded middle drawer in your bathroom… Do you really need to hang on to everything in there?

Want to bring something in to donate?  Contact Emily Flanagan at 202-503-1528 or [email protected].