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Top Ten Things You Should Donate This Fall

Posted on September 21, 2012

Whether or not spring-cleaning season was successful for you this year, fall is around the corner, and it's the perfect time for round two (or one). It's time to put away the bathing suits and sunscreen and to dig up the cozy sweaters and garden rakes in preparation for the next few months. While you're at it, make a little extra space in your life by clearing out the things you don't need, donating the clothes you haven't worn in a year, and giving away items you don't even remember owning that might be of better use to somebody else. Before you even get started, take a look at this top 10 list of resources that folks need for fall that you might have to give away, just to give you some ideas.  Happy un-cluttering!

1. Fall Jackets.

Are you on the lookout for this season's perfect fall jacket? Make room in your closet ahead of time, and donate last year's lightweight jackets that just aren't working for you anymore. Whether it be rain or wind, your contribution will go leaps and bounds in helping our clients face the DC elements.

2. Fresh Produce. 

Problem: (albeit a good one), your little backyard garden is yielding so much squash and cabbage that you don't know what to do with it.  Solution: many of our clients don't have access to fresh produce on a regular basis. Drop off some leafy vegetables to make delicious and healthy meal possible at Thrive DC.

3. Blankets and throws. 

Do you have extra blankets around your house that aren't getting enough attention? DC temperatures in the fall can dip to below freezing at night, and a warm blanket can help someone through a cold night.

4. Travel size toiletries.

We can't help but grab them from hotel rooms while on vacation, and a before you know it a mountain of miniature shampoo bottles has accumulated in your bathroom cabinet. Chances you'll use them are slim - but our clients will. Thrive DC is one of the few organizations that offers free access to showers every weekday, and we need the toiletries to go along with them.

5. School or office supplies.

School has started and I know I take joy in perusing the bookstore and picking out fresh notebooks and fancy new pencils, though I have more than enough at home. Our clients and their families can always use these resources to shine in their endeavors, be it going back to school or impressing at a new job.

6. New/unopened first aid supplies. 

I don't know about you, but when flu season comes around, I stock up on cold medicine, cough syrup, and probably Band-Aids while I'm at it, just in case. If you find yourself with a surplus of new/ unopened first aid supplies, consider passing them along to the folks at Thrive DC.

7. Books.

I would agree more than anyone that having an impressive book collection in your home makes you look both intelligent and sophisticated. However, if you come across some books you haven't opened in years, that are ready for a new owner, know that there is an avid population of readers at Thrive DC who would be willing to take them off your hands.

8. Time. 

So you won't really find this one while you're cleaning, but one of the greatest things you can give to Thrive DC this fall is your time. Spend a morning or afternoon with our clients and staff and be prepared to make a little extra room in your heart.

9. Canned and packaged food, especially large sized cans. 

The all-star of every donation list, year round: canned food. The truth is, food donations are always needed. Thrive DC provides countless emergency grocery bags to families in need every month in addition to the hot meals served ever morning and evening. Let's face it; you probably even have some left over cans from your last canned food drive.

10. Socks.

As you might be noticing, the chronic cold front will be hitting DC sooner than we think. Most socks come in quantities of too many,(think Costco), and we'd love it if you could split a package with us.

If you have questions about making a donation to Thrive DC please reach out to Emily Flanagan, our Volunteer and Community Relations Coordinator, at emily@thrivedc.org or at 202-503-1528.

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