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Youth Volunteers

How Old Do I Have To Be To Volunteer?

It depends! Thrive DC is one of the few programs that allows elementary school age volunteers to work directly with our homeless clients. However, this is only during the Evening Program and it is up to the discretion of the parent whether or not their child is ready for the experience. For the Morning Program we require that volunteers be at least 14 years old.

Volunteers that are under 16 years old must come with a parent or guardian. Volunteers that are 16- 17 years old can volunteer by themselves, but must have a Parent Permission Form filled out. All volunteers 18 years old and over must complete a background check before volunteering, unless they are part of a group.

How Can I Bring My Group To Volunteer?

Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator at (202) 503-1533 or [email protected] to schedule your group to volunteer. Our best group opportunity is during Breakfast, so your group must be available Monday – Friday from 7:30 AM – 11:30 AM. Our normal group capacity is 4 – 10 total members, but with advanced planning we can have up to 12.

Do You Have Volunteer Opportunities On The Weekend?

Unfortunately, all of our volunteer opportunities are Monday – Friday, 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM. If you would like to volunteer on the weekends to Thrive DC clients, there is another program called Loaves and Fishes that serves lunch on Saturdays and Sundays to our clients. Please contact their Volunteer Coordinator at (240) 855-5874 or [email protected]

Where Is Thrive DC Located?

Thrive DC is located on the bottom floor of St. Stephen and the Incarnation Church in Columbia Heights. To access our offices, please enter the double red doors adjacent to the parking lot facing 16th St, then come down the stairs. We will be on your left.

Where Can I Park?

Thrive DC cannot guarantee that you will have a parking space if you choose to drive. There should be ample street parking around our location, but space in our parking lot is extremely limited. Please note that if you do park in our lot, that our volunteers are only authorized to park in parallel spots and you should ask a staff member for a parking pass for your car.

We highly recommend that all of our volunteers take public transportation to our location. We are a short walk (5 – 8 minutes) from the Columbia Heights Metro stop, and the S1/S2 bus routes along 16th St stop directly in front of our building.

Can I Complete My Court Mandated/School Required Community Service At Thrive DC?

Yes! However, Thrive DC is not a good location to get a lot of hours quickly. Volunteers should not expect to volunteer more than 1 shift/week (4 hours).

What Should I Wear?

Volunteers should wear comfortable clothing and closed toed shoes. Shirts must be “sleeved,” this can mean either long sleeves or short sleeves. Jackets, coats, scarves, backpacks, bags, purses, etc. should all be left in our secure office before your volunteer experience begins. There are storage cubes in our office (located next to the volunteer check in station) for each volunteer to store their items while they’re on the program floor.

Please do not bring anything to the program floor that you would be upset at losing. Thrive DC is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

More questions? Contact our Volunteer Coordinator at (202) 503-1533 or [email protected].

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