Introducing Kathy Taylor Gaubatz, Thrive DC’s New Interim Executive Director!


We are excited to announce Kathy Taylor Gaubatz, Ph.D. as Thrive DC’s new Interim Executive Director! With her broadKathy Taylor Gaubatz experience in the nonprofit sector, and as a neighbor in the community, we are excited to have Kathy leading Thrive DC through this transition.

Kathy has over twenty years of experience developing and implementing solutions to homelessness and poverty. In San Francisco, she served as the Executive Director of Compass Family Services, a large nonprofit that provides a comprehensive range of services for homeless and very low-income families. In Norfolk, she was the Founder and Executive Director of Virginia Social Ventures, which operated the job training enterprise Spotlight Books.  

Not only does she have a depth of knowledge and experience in human services, but Kathy is also an experienced Interim Executive Director who has led the Foodbank of Southeastern Virginia, PFLAG National, Washington English Center, and the Homeless Persons Representation Project during periods of leadership transition. 

As a resident of Columbia Heights/Petworth, Kathy has familiarity with our client population while also bringing a unique perspective from her diversified experience. Partnering with our staff and board, Kathy will help us navigate Thrive DC’s leadership transition in the coming months. She will also support the Board and LeaderFit, a nonprofit executive search firm, as they work to identify a new Executive Director who best fits the mission, vision, and values of Thrive DC and can effectively lead the organization going forward. 

We asked her some introductory questions to get to know her better – read on to see her answers!

Why is ending homelessness important to you?  

A stable place to live is one of life’s most essential foundations. Without housing, all the other important things in life become much more difficult – including getting enough to eat, maintaining relationships, staying healthy, finding and keeping a job, and participating in education. 

What attracted you to Thrive? 

I’ve worked on homelessness, poverty, and reentry for most of my career, so Thrive’s mission has been a part of my life for a long time. I also love the location, since I live nearby!

What are you most excited about? 

Whenever I start a new interim executive director position, I’m always most excited about getting to know the staff and board members. Overall, leadership transitions are exciting times for nonprofit organizations, with lots of opportunities for healthy introspection and change. 

What is your favorite breakfast food? 

For everyday – oatmeal.  For special occasions – homemade cinnamon roll