We are so excited to welcome you to our brand new, shiny, amazing website and blog! Thrive DC relies so much on the support of our community of partners, donors, and volunteers that we wanted to create a space to really show off all the amazing work that you help us to do.

This site was made possible by the Taproot Foundation and is the product of months of incredible work by our Information Technology Website team: David Bear, Scott Lynch, Jhumur Chaudhuri, Keith Strigaro, Krystle Kopacz, and Lillie Fujinaga. It’s very clear that we could not have made this happen without their time, talent and dedication on this project. We extend thanks from the bottom of our hearts to our wonderful Taproot team.

As you are browsing through the new features of www.ThriveDC.org take a few minutes to check out our growing library of Success Stories, our live-to-the-minute Volunteer Opportunities and Events Calendar, and learn a little more about the Partners who help make Thrive DC possible. You also, for the first time ever at Thrive DC have the opportunity to join our Help the Homeless Campaign as a sponsor, a host, a partner, or as a virtual team mate.

Make sure you check back here often to hear about Thrive DC news and announcements, Success Story updates, and Spotlight Stories on our Partners and volunteers.

Thank you for visiting!

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