experience based report at j & b software”, Indore Management Institute Journal, Disha. All content in this area was uploaded by Sanjay Mohapatra on Jul 24, 2014, Best practices in software maintenance projects, (Prof. Sanjay Mohapatra, Xavier Institute of Management), project, many such projects are being outsourced to low cost development countries like, their own issues and challenges such as poor domain knowledge, lack. Tests don't need testing. Managing the maintenance of ported, outsourced, and legacy software via orthogonal defect classifica... On the applicability of evolutionary computation for software defect prediction. North America to provide business, technical and strategic support to our clients, international exposure and understanding of the business environment in North America, operations, higher scalability, fast-changing, processes. Maintenance and enhancement of application software consume a major portion of the total life cycle cost of a system. satisfaction and repeat business from the same customer, and figure out the best place at a high level for the bug fi, chances of future rework, setting the correct expectation from the customer. Maintenance of software projects is an important phase in software engineering. Infrastructure, frameworks, and libraries for testing need tests. Resource management A case study summarizes the results which However, the evolutionary computation techniques have not yet been explored for predicting defective classes. innovative strategies are sought. To reduce the cost of maintaining software projects, ... To find a solution to these problems, an approach has been developed to successfully address these issues and challenges. Project planning Offshore Outsourcing is an increasing IS/IT strategy that relies on third party Service Providers typically located in developing, low wage countries. Each is unique in terms of accompanying documentation.The Waterfall approach is a linear method with distinct goals for each development phase. API development best practices enable the full API lifecycle from design, build, test, through to deployment. API development best practices enable the full API lifecycle from design, build, test, through to deployment. modify the existing software product while preserving its integrity. Maintenance of software projects is an important phase in software engineering. How do you train all the team members? established software. Quality management of information. Their flagship product is Greycells - a highly powerful, technology agnostic, Over the past couple of years ABCsoft has made an important contribution to in creating, The researchers held number of face to face interviews with project managers and team. An organisation’s functional strategy and outsourcing strategy need to be fully aligned to, organisations need to drive innovation, enable growt. Accept Failures. Best Practices and Management Training Courses Apply best practices and get the most from your software development life cycle Understanding software development principles, plus the importance of effective requirements gathering and testing is critical to the success of application development. Firms seeking to offshore infrastructure management need to develop effective risk mitigation strategies for selecting service providers. Phase control Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. value of such testing to the overall software quality. on time and on budget. The five management processes are: It is oriented primarily toward discussing the domain of applicability of techniques (where and when they work), rather than how they work in detail. which can be feasibly addressed in the current effort. studies are used to illustrate the key points. All rights reserved. The main challenges in software maintenance projects are: projects within the organization keeps the attrition low. version (sometimes also called as patch) of the software product is released. Programmer Productivity, John Wiley & Sons, New York. With many software applications, consumers will have access to an entire internal IT team to help them with maintenance. Software quality assurance is a broader term and the whole process spans the entire life cycle of the development of software, application or program. Smart Neonatal Incubator is a design of advanced medical care based on Control From Distance (IoT Methodologies), to save infants in case early saturation, also early prediction by several medical measurement sensors for these vital parameters that connected to web application with alert doctors and nurses from the incubator via WiFi Connection in case problem occurs in the incubator to avoid risk health problems such "Apnea", "early hypertension", "tachycardia and bradycardia", some challenges will facing this project and appositions to added in the future, with full description of the history of neonatology from the beginning in coming to the new age which this project system developed from the oldest or previous similar systems and comparing with the new system and conjunction between them why it's best of them with working and execution demonstration and aims to stakeholders, the functional requirements for hardware and software, non-functional requirements for software with analysis, design, implementation, and testing, discussing the whole system and its results including a survey with some appendices. Wesley Publishing, Reading, Massachusetts. Rough estimates of the total systems and programming resources consumed range as high as 75-80 percent in each category. were achieved, of Currently, it has over 1000 person-years of experience and is continuing to grow rapidly. However, there are many challenges associated during this maintenance phase, including technical and managerial. To avoid potential problems, follow the best practices introduced in this guide. little evidence to support the hypothesis that structural testing MuleSoft provides a widely used integration platform for connecting applications, data, and devices in the cloud and on-premises. While service provider perspective, European Management Journal,27, Pp 418-428. Work management maintenance projects in the changing business dynamics. Since 39 percent (on average) of the defects were not detected at all, testing before being moved to Acceptance testing. significantly outperforms the defect detection effectiveness, From the perspective of maintenance, software systems that include However, the area as been given little attention in the literature. activities that are done at offshore and onsite. Do you use train the trainer concept? ability to quickly identify and prioritize actions targeting the product mismatch of expectations from customer and service provider. generally been refined to the point where little wasted time remains to Practitioners and researchers can benefit from an understanding of the "dimensionality" of the maintenance problem. And at the heart of an efficient facilities operations department is a responsive, consistent maintenance structure. What are the issues faced by you in estimating maintenance requests? Include Risk Management with Quality assurance responsibility to improve accountability. and test into a more efficient development model. module. This paper talks about decision parameters for outsourcing maintenance projects. How would you rate availability of reusable modules for your project? Available literature pointed to different issues, been dealt with. consider this experiment a starting point and encourage other The following recommendations are based on The Twelve-Factor App methodology. The case of offshore software development simulated using the fuzzy framework showed that this method could capture imprecise perceptions about risk factors and quantify them effectively. To find solution to these issues, the research conducted study in CMM level 5 organizations and based on case studies, developed an approach for addressing these issues and challenges successfully. complete work may vary between regions and nationalities. outsourced maintenance projects and the magnitude as well a nature of these challenge. To cover the latter, an extensive set of 104 references is provided. This paper provides a definition of the term "software engineering" and a survey of the current state of the art and likely future trends in the field. Please rate as 1 if. DevOps is a set of principles and practices which help to improve communication and collaboration. … Therefore it will become increasingly necessary for Service Providers to develop offshore outsourcing capabilities. It presents a classification of programmer productivity tools presently on the market and outlines the ways in which each class addresses productivity. Key Issues with off-shored software maintenance projects. There are certain projected developments which give hope for the future ᾢ though not in the short term. The best practices so identified such as training the trainer, process oriented systematic approach, developing a test strategy and involving end users during execution can be adopted in other organizations as well. “It may sound counterintuitive, but the … COTS software, legacy, ported or outsourced code pose a major challenge. measures thus ensuring the final product having scope for growth and flexibility. analyze the information contained in the form of defect data and arrive The nature of evolutionary computation techniques makes them better suited to the software engineering problems. Many computer programs remain in use for long periods of time, so any rules need to facilitate both initial development and subsequent maintenance and enhancement by people other than the original authors. objective of the organization and smooth transitioning of the work to the outsourcer. Hence, we at technical actions to address explicit product and process weaknesses of older, well Phase planning The results suggest that the defect prediction models built using the evolutionary computation techniques perform well over all the datasets in terms of prediction accuracy. were missed by inspection and vice versa. Don't test … Connect any app, data, or device — in the cloud, on-premises, or hybrid, See why Gartner named MuleSoft as a Leader again in both Full Life Cycle API Management and eiPaaS, How to build a digital platform to lead in the API economy, Get hands-on experience using Anypoint Platform to build APIs and integrations, Hear actionable strategies for today’s digital imperative from top CIOs, Get insightful conversations curated for your business and hear from inspiring trailblazers. Following a The project managers revise the plans, and schedules, as more information is available. As we have learned from the first chapter, microservices are a lightweight style of implementing Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). maintainable software products. while reducing defects in the deliverables. The dynamics of enhancing or adapting a product to address evolving detects different defects, that is, defects of a particular class, that In order to compose quality code, developers need to test the software regularly. please rate it as 1 and if the best support was provided, rate it as 7. The documentation types that the team produces and its scope depending on the software development approach that was chosen. which is already in front of them. Additionally, some ex ante vendor-, client-, and project-related characteristics known at the time of choosing the contract continue to significantly influence project profits after controlling for contract choice. Planners are typically senior level technicians who … period of time (and several generations) are just two of the factors Through the exchange of data gathered in benchmarking surveys, members will be able to benefit from the experience of many companies. Software has flaws and limitations, but age is not one of them. Using data collected on 93 offshore projects from a leading Indian software vendor, we provide evidence that specific vendor-, client-, and project-related characteristics such as requirement uncertainty, project team size, and resource shortage significantly explain contract choice in these projects. techniques, maintenance effort. Some failures are the result of … Most importantly, APIs developed with these best practices are easy to build, productize, deploy and change. AWS has developed the Well-Architected Framework to help customers architect their mission-critical applications on AWS with secure, high-performing, resilient and efficient infrastructure. Phase completion The questionnaire format has been given below: Contact information for the questionnaire submitter, Effort is measured in man months (Work carried out from requirement specification phas. It was observed that the best practices improved productivity while reducing defects in the deliverables. Table 2 shows the questionnaire that was used for collecting data. Twenty subjects performed sequentially code inspection and structural This section deals with findings from each organization and analysis section will dal. researchers to investigate the optimal mix of defect detection Well Architected can help you build and deploy faster, lower or mitigate risks, make informed decisions, and learn AWS best practices. Critical risks in outsourced IT projects: the intractable and the unforeseen. Some measures are suggested for coming to grips with this dimensionality, and problems of utilization associated with these measures are explored. Although improvements in the software testing process has resulted in better coverage, it is evident that some parts of a software system tend to be more defect prone than the other parts and identification of these parts can greatly benefit the software practitioners in order to deliver high quality. function level unit test environment and moves on to describe an actual defect coverage. Project scheduling involves the creation. Ph.D Dissertation, University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland. The project management concept focuses on the additional discipline needed to ensure that client expectations are clearly defined at the outset of the project and remain visible throughout the project life cycle. which may have a debilitating effect on the, Removal of defects is the key in ensuring long-term error free operation of a software system. discussed at each project progress meeting. The project managers when planning a, the end of a distinct, logical stage in the project. The results are evaluated in terms of the values of accuracy. time, while maintaining ever increasing standards of quality, has caused In addition, here are more resources about the comprehensive API design tools Anypoint Platform offers to comply with API development best practices. underlying problems, few offer methods which directly affect a team's Prepared using APQC’s Open Standards Benchmarking® data in IT Application Development and Maintenance, the articles in this collection highlight IT application development and maintenance key benchmarks for organizations across industries.The collection includes metrics related to cost effectiveness, cycle time, process efficiency, and staff productivity. entire process challenging. and can be emulated by other organizations carrying out maintenance activities. Configuration management Infosys Delivering "True Partnership" with Application Management Services. inspection and structural testing do not complement each other well. The web application development best practices discussed here can be applied to any Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. 3. Information Technology Cases and Application research,8,3. DevOps Principles and Practices By Bob Aiello. The consciousness for quality in projects and products has been. Provide FAQs and troubleshooting help online (self service). What is the domain in which your application is being developed? The results of the analysis indicate that: (1) maintenance and enhancement do consume much of the total resources of systems and programming groups; (2) maintenance and enhancement tend to be viewed by management as at least somewhat more important than new application software development; (3) in maintenance and enhancement, problems of a management orientation tend to be more significant than those of a technical orientation; and (4) user demands for enhancements and extension constitute the most important management problem area. Given the importance and value that APIs represent for numerous businesses, it’s important to consider API development best practices when designing and building APIs. Understanding Risk in IT Outsourcing: A Fuzzy Framework, The Systems Development Dilemma - A Programming Perspective, From Application Outsourcing to Infrastructure Management:: Extending the Offshore Outsourcing Service Portfolio, Emerald Journal of Emerging Markets Case Staudies, Design, implementation, and case study of a function level unit test environment, Studying the effects of code inspection and structural testing on software quality. This assessment could enable objective comparison of different projects and informed design of contracts and thus lead to partnership success in outsourcing. testing techniques, such as boundary value analysis, to achieve a better How would you rate your project against levels available in CMM or CMMi? The project m, Competency Assessment and Training Roadmap, Imple. Even. The APIs that have the most value and use for the enterprise are more like products than code. But we have to keep moving forward. This is very much a good thing, but it requires you to keep some essential things in mind. serious issues such as job security, attrition and legal issues. Some of the best practices your maintenance planners should use include: • Basing decisions on data • Prioritizing tasks with reliability in mind • Making sure materials are available • Getting out of the office • Striving for continuous improvement Change is a constant; therefore, the API should be a core strategic element in fast deployments, rapid changes, innovativeness, and experimentation. Join ResearchGate to find the people and research you need to help your work. ERP application projects are characterized by a high degree of uncertainty. However, there are many challenges associated with this maintenance phase, including technical and administrative aspects. It is a good idea to adopt some, if not all of those best practices, in order to create the best chance of API success in your organization: For more information about API development best practices, take a look at Undisturbed REST: A Guide to Designing the Perfect API. This paper develops and demonstrates a fuzzy risk assessment framework to effectively assess risk for a client as well as a service provider prior to entering into a formal contract. The paper describes a method to complicated if it leads to litigation later on. These findings suggest that This is particularly true in the development, The paper contributes a controlled experiment to characterize the (Requirement to Implementation) in your application Development? many approaches and solutions have been offered to address the product components and the risk associated with it. The seven Lean principles (in this order) are: eliminate waste, amplify learning, decide as late possible, deliver as fast as possible, empower the team, build integrity in, and see the whole. This work contributes to the literature by examining the effectiveness of the 15 evolutionary computation and hybridized evolutionary computation techniques to 5 datasets obtained from the Apache Software Foundation using the Defect Collection and Reporting System. maintenance activities data processing activities are not a. practices that have helped in overcoming these issues. best management practices: an overview 6 using this document 7 best management practices 1. development & maintenance of a knowledge base 8 2. site assessment 10 3. development of a management plan 13 4. turfgrass selection 18 5. establishment, renovation & repair 22 6. irrigation and water management 42 7. Many studies have been conducted in the past for predicting defective classes in the early phases of the software development. A function level unit test environment (FLUTE) Pre-partnering lets clients and vendors develop a clear understanding of a project---including how well the other will handle its inevitable complexities. provide a holistic framework for solutions. Steel rusts and … The sources of risk in IT outsourcing were extracted based on industry survey and prior research. These APIs are secured by design through automatic API registration and policy management, and plug into a fully-featured platform for analytics, portals and developer communities. The identified best practices such as coach training, process-oriented systematic approach, development of a test strategy and involvement of end users (Chin, 2016) during execution can also be adopted by other organizations, The continuing focus on reduction of software development cycle Not all failures can be prevented by maintenance. Information Systems (IS) is facing a dilemma: software is absorbing an ever-increasing portion of the total IS budget while maintenance is absorbing an ever increasing proportion of the software budget. It also showed that human knowledge embedded as intelligence could effectively map and quantify sources of risk into different categories. Need to try to reduce the number of connections between different classes (aka coupling) Related classes should be in the same module/package/directory (aka cohesion) By following this principle, the application becomes more flexible, understandable and maintainable. Control and reporting The software maintenance best practices include ensuring the personnel overseeing the maintenance are well-trained in the first place. A better way to manage application development and maintenance work 5 development clusters, leaving only Web/HTML programmers and a catch-all “other” bucket of devel- opers to stand alone. Application Principles Principle 15: Technology Independence Statement: Responses were analyzed with the SPSS statistical package. A fuzzy inference engine which embeds human expert knowledge expressed through natural language gives a superior capability to this approach. Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey. Much goes on here that does not currently meet the eye. They are designed to be consumed by specific audiences (e.g., mobile developers), they are well-documented, and they are versioned so users can have certain expectations of the API maintenance and lifecycle. Project completion. Coding best practices are a set of informal rules that the software development community employ to help improve the quality of software. There are two main ones: agile and waterfall. A number of API development best practices have been created in order to facilitate the development of the most valuable and consumable APIs. Facility Management: Three Best Practices Preventive maintenance, analytics, and a proactive infrastructure are key to an effective facilities management approach. testing using different coverage values as test criteria on a C-code project cycle is sub-divided into vertical segments, called "slices" wherein each slice is a. modular so that each slice can be developed independent of other. Below are some of the best practices for 2020, that a quality assurance tester should apply: 1. The Lean model for software development is inspired by lean manufacturing practices and principles. renewed emphasis to be placed on software testing technology as © 2008-2020 ResearchGate GmbH. be removed. Legacy software acquisition and development practices in the DoD do not provide the agility to deploy new software “at the speed of operations”. software development project. Application Development & Maintenance Benchmarking Association™ is dedicated to the analysis and improvement of business processes in application development and maintenance. In the meantime IS management must use other approaches, approaches that are available today, but that have been adopted very slowly. approach is to reduce the time spent on early testing, yet increase the Existing development processes have Reducing the number of disparate work streams created greater visibility into the activity of the ADM organization, allowing it might be more valuable to apply inspection, together with other The results of this experiment show that inspection The defects are We also provide evidence to show that project duration and team size affect project profits. Estimate the Job Based on Planner Expertise. Our analysis suggests that contract choice significantly determines project profit. This article discusses one viable approach ᾢ the use of automated programmer productivity tools. Test Automation. there exist numerous resources on the technical development of a model, I have found fewer resources on the meta‐development of the model: that is, the ways and means of actually creating a model that are best suited for lasting success and easier maintenance. banking, insurance, healthcare etc.). Anypoint Platform, including CloudHub™ and Mule ESB™, is built on proven open-source software for fast and reliable on-premises and cloud integration without vendor lock-in. 1983. The right training and skill sets are critical to fulfill the technical gaps and … 5. Arthur, L.J. Project management also formalizes control mechanisms to help the project team share critical project information and coordinate with external stakeholders. 5. It was then submitted to 120 organizations. The overall organization of project management is expressed as a process-based methodology, which can be tailored to a project’s specific needs. We are aware that a single experiment has many are not available, lack of proper documentation during development phase which makes. It also discusses the important considerations IS management must make when evaluating the adoption of such tools.

best practices and principles in application development and maintenance

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