Monitor the tank for bare patches and make appropriate repairs. As their name implies, parrot cichlids have beaked heads that make them look like parrots, with their mouths constantly open. In any event, never overfeed any species of cichlid, as they tend to consume whatever is available. There are numerous types of Ram cichlids that are found and developed in Asia as a hobby for fish keeping. Sponge Filters: When Should You Prefer Them? While these mouthbrooders might make attractive additions to your aquarium, the rest of the world kind of despises them. In fact, they don’t need your assistance in the matter. You can add plants to their set-up, but just know that your jewel cichlids will do their best to tear it up. Your tank needs to keep a basic pH, with hard water, and plenty of rocks. They’ll follow you around, greet you at the aquarium surface, and even learn tricks. Fish information and habitats for large Cichlid aquariums, types of cichlids like the Parrot Cichlid, Firemouth cichlid, Green Terror, Oscar, Texas Cichlid and more. Since this lake rests over active tectonic plates, the water has high pH, GH (general hardness), mineral, and KH (carbonate hardness) levels. You’ll need to watch your ammonia levels as a result. The 9 Popular Cichlid Types Kribensis Cichlid. The most popular aquarium species come from Lake Malawi as they’re the most colorful. Here we profile some of the world’s most popular freshwater fish species, from the Neon Tetra to the Pearl Gourami. They’re the most compressed cichlids available, even more so than angelfish. Cichlids are a group of fish belonging to the family Cichlidae and they belong to a group, or suborder, called Labroidei. Convict Cichlid (Amatitlania nigrofasciata), 10. However, in general, the region you pull your species from will give you a rough idea. They’re a very hardy subspecies, capable of adapting to most aquarium conditions without difficulty. The preferred temperature range varies depending on the type between 22 and 30 ° C. Many cichlid behave aggressively towards alien fish, so the welfare is recommended in a species tank. Overall, these hardy fish do well in aquariums. They tolerate other fish their size, but they’ll bully and attack smaller fish. Unfortunately, there are several misconceptions about oscar care, which are often passed around and can seriously harm this species. Firemouth cichlids aren’t well-received outside of aquarist circles. Usually, this only happens if a foreign fish has accidentally crossed into their territory or if they’re in combat. If you don’t keep up with water conditions (especially ammonia), they WILL deteriorate. Hexamita: Another parasite, brought on by poor water quality. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. We hope to clarify that here. Choosing the Perfect Liner for your Pond & Water Garden, Natural pH Control in a Freshwater Aquarium: a Practical Beginners Guide, Protein Skimmer: Ultimate Buying Guide plus 11 Reviews, LED Aquarium Lighting: 11 Great Fixtures for Freshwater, Planted and Reef Tanks. Blue Acara Cichlids. Like discus, it has a flatter and high body style. These fish thrive in freshwater rivers, so it’s best to set up your aquarium to reflect this. Remember to always ask a veterinarian for help regarding all of your pets. Their head protuberance, or kok, is formally termed a nuchal hump. This subspecies may also be referred to as the tiger oscar, velvet cichlid, or marble cichlid. If you want to save, opt for a juvenile, and wait a few months for the colors to come in. They can also be quite territorial, especially when they pair off and begin to spawn. They can be a bit more aggressive than your average tropical fishes, though, so not all types of African cichlids will get along well with other tank mates. The older they get, the more territorial they become. African cichlids are considered to be one of the most diverse, intelligent, active and colorful families of freshwater fish in the modern aquarium hobby. The following table indicates the type of fish that work best with various Cichlids. After all, when placed on the cichlid scale of aggression, they’re at the bottom. Over 3,000 subspecies of cichlid fish are known to exist worldwide, with more and more subspecies being discovered every year – making them the largest family of fish in existence. They target smaller tank mates. However, they can be quite aggressive in nature, especially when breeding, which can make them unsuitable for most community tanks. Your filter’s outflow should do the trick, but if you pick a species native to a river region, consider adding an air pump for a little more current. You need to install a strong filtration system as well, as these busy creatures will produce ample waste. Looking for New World Cichlids? All cichlids lay eggs, though care varies among species. Keep this in mind when you decorate your tank. Despite their meaner tendencies, cichlids have proven themselves to be quite personable as well. We earn commission for purchases made through our links. The cichlid you select will dictate your tank size and water conditions. Even still, larger Pleco varieties that can handle these same water parameters may prove to be a sound option. With over 3,000 subspecies out there (and counting), you are sure to find at least one that will catch your eye and enhance your aquarium! Even peaceful species get territorial during the breeding season. Temperament: Semi … However, in truth, they are just as aggressive as most other cichlid species. These cichlids are easy for both beginners and accomplished aquarists. They readily greet their keepers and beg them for food when it’s time to eat. The top 10 cichlid species listed above are excellent additions to the community tank, but they are not your only options. What Other Fish Can Live with African Cichlids Are you looking for a species of fish that will be compatible with African Cichlids? Topping out at around 12 inches (33cm), they need A LOT of room. Not all plants will appreciate these parameters, however, so choose aquarium plants with caution. During spawning, their aggression goes up, so keep an eye on their tank mates. African Cichlids The Cichlidae family contains over 1,200 species of fish, the majority of which are found in the Tanganyika and Malawai Lakes of central Africa. Electric Blue Cichlid/Electric Blue Hap (Sciaenochromis fryeri) Difficulty: Easy. These creatures have long bodies that are usually silver or grey when they are young. This species (pictured above) is sometimes called the Yellow devil as males can be extremely aggressive and hard on females. Electric Blue Cichlid/Electric Blue Hap (, Just be careful if you have other fish with flowing fins – jewels are known to nip, Their trailing fins pose a temptation to other fish, The Greater the Variety, the Greater the Reward, 1. ), though only around 1800 currently have descriptions. They originated in Lake Malawi, an African great lake that is considered the ninth largest lake in the world. As such, they’re not great for beginners. Cichlids are found in many locations throughout the world and include such favorites as the freshwater angelfish, the tiger oscar fish and the jack dempsey cichlid. This will prevent accidental uprooting. Contrary to many sources (and even some aquarium stores), these are not small cichlids, and they need to be kept in groups of five or six fish. Make sure you provide this subspecies with many hiding places and a sandy substrate that they can dig into. Browse our latest freshwater fish profiles below. Blue Acara Cichlids are peaceful. These fish are one of the three species of cichlids known to inhabit Lake Malawi, a great lake in Africa. However, if you don’t want to breed these fish, it’s wise to keep this tank exclusively female. Just watch them during the breeding season. On the flip side, they startle easily, panicking at shadows and fast movements. Common fish illnesses to watch for include: Unhappily, you can’t mix African and New World cichlids. While it may be adequate for younger oscars, they will soon outgrow this tank when they reach their full size of 13.5 inches. This group of fish consists of piscivorous fish. On the smaller side, they average 5-6 inches (13-15cm) at full size. These can include logs, caves, and decorative dens, so they can ease into their new surroundings gradually. Bolivian Ram (Mikrogeophagus altispinosus), 9. Swim Bladder Disease: Poor nutrition or physical injury from tank mates leads to your fish losing the ability to remain submerged. Most other Malawi cichlids are safe, but NOT African peacocks. Cichlids are a diverse family of fish kept in freshwater aquariums and mainly native to tropical water bodies in Africa, and South and Central America. As such, they’ll nibble on your plant life. However, there are some generalities to the Cichlidae family you can count on. They’re also social and vibrant, enlivening any aquarium. Many aquarists have often toyed with the breeding of this already hybrid species, for many different reasons – most of which are cosmetic in nature. Certain subspecies may be able to tolerate tank mates, while others need to be kept in separate or very aggression-friendly tanks. Among the better known of the many popular aquarium cichlids are the firemouth (Cichlasoma meeki), a fish with bright red in its mouth and on its throat and chest; the Jack Dempsey (C. biocellatum), a rather large dark fish spotted with blue-green; the oscar (Astronotus ocellatus), an attractive fish with an orange-ringed black spot on its tail base; and the discus (Symphysodon discus), a very deep-bodied fish … As such, it may be wise to leave them in the hands of more experienced fish keepers. You need to provide plenty of room for swimming space, as well as proper territory. Firemouth Cichlid (Thorichthys meeki), Caring For The Electric Blue Hap Cichlid (Sciaenochromis Fryeri), Freshwater Crabs: How to Properly Keep Them in your Tank, Aquarium Driftwood: Best & Safest Types for your Tank, Installing a Protein Skimmer: Tips & Mistakes to Avoid. African Peacock Cichlid (Aulonocara spp. This will ensure they are living in an environment that is both comfortable and familiar to them. The number of cichlid species identified in the wild is well over 1,000 and biologists think that many more are waiting to be discovered. Wolf cichlid (Parachromis dovii) Also known as Dow’s cichlid, this measures 75cm/30" in males, … Who doesn’t recognize the iconic angelfish?g. Male blue haps kill male peacocks and mate with the females, resulting in hybrids. Most species are also fairly hardy and are perfect for both novice and experienced aquarists. They get their name for the marine angelfish, despite bearing ZERO resemblance. However, with so many different cichlid types out there, it can be hard to know which ones are best for your tank set-up. They are an extremely colorful and hardy fish species, which can bring a unique personality to your tank. That said, it is very important that aqu… These fish zoom around tanks (in addition to rooting around decorations). You identify this nasty disease by loss of appetite and white blotches on the scales. These fish are mouthbrooders, which is always fun to watch. Another severe disease that can infect cichlids is fish tuberculosis. They should be kept in large groups of up to 20 fish per tank, with at least two females to every male. This is a cichlid found in the Nicaraguan lakes, but is a bottom sifter rather than a piscivore, with snails forming a significant part of the diet. While cichlids differ, they all share one common feature: pharyngeal jaws. You also want to choose a grain size safe enough to keep your little excavators happy. Keep up with proper water quality, and they’ll stay happy and healthy. Kribensis is a small, colorful cichlid, tolerant of community tanks. Convict cichlids hold the distinction as one of the easiest species for aquarists to breed. Copyright © document.write(new Date().getFullYear()); –, 9 Best Types Of Cichlids For Your Aquarium, The 10 Best Schooling Fish For Your Aquarium, 12 Of The Coolest Different Types Of Goldfish. Index of Premium Cichlids This page contains an index of all the Cichlids that are discussed or sold on this website.. Click here to go to another web page that contains several similar Indexes of Tropical Fish, Goldfish and Koi, Scavengers and Catfish, Brackish Water Fishes, and Miscellaneous Critters. As long as the cichlid species you choose is fairly peaceful and doesn’t tend to prey on smaller fish, it can be considered for a community tank. Peacocks are the least aggressive of the Malawi Cichlids. They don’t like acclimating to a new tank, they grow large (6-10 inches/15-25cm), they’re sensitive to water fluctuations, and they’re susceptible to stress-related diseases. The majority of cichlids lean toward omnivorous habits. These Central American cichlids are often advertised as being very community-friendly. They are from the same group as damselfish, wrasses, surfperches, etc. Thanks for supporting our site. You will need a rather large tank to accommodate your angelfish’s complex social structures, as well any accompanying tank mates you want to share that same space. They originated in... Parrot Cichlid. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to They will try their best to uproot any plants you put in their tank, as well as move around driftwood and rocks. Considered both a community tank fish and a dwarf cichlid, the Kribensis Cichlid is attractive and interactive, getting along well with most other community species. Adding more than one Oscar in a tank is a gamble, and is not recommended in less than a 125 gallon tank. There is no natural habitat from which they originated, so it can be difficult to know the right parameters for them to live in. Jewel cichlids live up to their name: they’re some of the most stunning fish you can find. Please Note: The small (2" or less) African Cichlids are in their juvenile coloration and … Females wear striking silver, and they can develop a subdued blue shading when they’re mature. Cichlids appreciate water flow in their tanks. We have spent years visiting many farms to source the best quality Cichlids. Much like the mbuna, peacock cichlids thrive in hard waters that have a high mineral content and pH level. A big male can be up to 36cm/14” long, but 30cm/12” is more the norm. So long as you stay on top of water quality and don’t fall prey to their begging habits (yes, they’re cute when they follow you around – don’t succumb to overfeeding), your cichlids should avoid significant health issues. The list of tank mates for this subspecies is admittedly quite limited, due to their aggressive temperament. All of them hail from just three lakes in east Africa: Lake Malawi, Lake Victoria, and Lake Tanganyika.

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