For the sake of brevity, we’re going to dive into two common causes of confusion, and then show you how you can edit your post. 0. Related Help Center FAQs; How do I log out of Facebook? These comments just can be seen by page admins and the users themselves. The Wrong Type of Post. Tried to use other pictures as well but still does the same thing. Trying to set up the Facebook account on the iPhone 5, so you can post photos directly from the camera roll etc. Tried … Facebook doesn't allow all posts to be boosted, and you might see the "Boost Unavailable" message. The Facebook Commandments. If you are trying to use their work email and that email is not associated with their Facebook account, Facebook will not recognize the email and the Add button will not be an option. ; Under the Posts section, click Drafts. Aside from that, the other buttons are greyed out as well. Believe it or not, Facebook has some restrictions on the posts you can promote. The protocol here is to upvote and perhaps star this question if you think it's useful and deserves attention. Go to Solution. Message 1 of 4 (8,099 Views) Reply. Anonymous. Why is my share button grayed out? Can't share posts, share button is grayed out. Some of the comments on my Facebook page have a darker background (grayed out) than the others and the X button is always showing. 0 Kudos Highlighted. That means any posts someone else made on your page, even if you made it as the account owner, can’t be promoted. however in settings, Facebook and twitter are both greyed out! My friend’s account is sending out spam. Share button grayed out ; Grayed out share button ; My 'share' button is grayed out. 3. First, you can only boost posts that you made as your page. After you publish the post to your Facebook Fan Page, you’ll now see a big blue button that says “Boost Post.” You can only see this as the admin of your Facebook Fan Page. ; On the draft post that you'd like to boost, click the drop-down list next to Edit and select Publish. ... Facebook like button shows the same like. ; Find the post on your Facebook … Also, if the boost post button seems greyed out it’s because you are not logged into your Facebook Ads Manager account. Draft posts can't be boosted. Why? Keep in mind you must use the person's email that is associated with their Facebook account when assigning a page role. I know, it seems really unlike them to limit the amount of money they bring in, but there it is. I have to copy all page content, refresh the page and paste it back in the page, only then does the update button become clickable. Mobile app share button grayed out, can't share anything. Report Content. Publish your draft post before trying to boost it. Solved! If you've been trying to convert a Facebook page post into an ad via the boost post button, or by boosting the post through the ads system or Power Editor, you might encounter a case where you see Boost Unavailable. Go to your Facebook Page. Posts: 0. Click Publishing tools at the top of your Page. This started when the new appearance update came out. Any idea why? It does update the page so there is no issue with … Please don't post use the "Post Your Answer" button to post things which are not answers. I can't post in Facebook marketplace because the next button is greyed out. – tripleee Sep 20 '17 at 10:46. I open a page and make an edit and the update button becomes grayed out.

facebook post button greyed out

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