Transportation, when you need it, without the investment of ownership. We work with frontline professionals, and their organisations, to improve the response to victims of sexual violence, through our range of training and professional development initiatives, research and consultancy services. February 21, 2020. In 2009 Fidessa ran a key project to define its global values. The Lime Culture service list is from a simple re-pointing, repair and renovation of stone or plaster features to a complete restoration. Services who want to show their commissioners or clients that they provide high quality services can join our quality programme on either or both of these quality standards: View limeculturecic’s profile on Instagram. Follow this company File for this company Company Overview for LIME TRUST (09297519) Filing history for LIME TRUST (09297519) People for LIME TRUST (09297519) More for LIME TRUST (09297519) Filter by category Show filing type. There are mobile apps and mobile communities, but then there are actual apps that enable communities to become mobile. Here at Lime Crane we are storytellers. Hale Lime is expanding its electric scooter fleet by 1,000 in San Francisco after city approvals. For the most part, it’s intuitive. Hayes, as it turns out, is no stranger to successful businesses; she’s a bit of a serial entrepreneur and artist herself. “You can get all of your needs met for scheduling, attendance, and communications all in one place,” Hayes said. Common lime is a hybrid and is rare in the wild in the UK. It’s a unique kind of company in the way it represents great values, is filled with amazing people and has a fantastic culture overall. “Culture is something that is top down, so leadership is really important,” Hayes said. Color coding in the app makes it easier to view and understand data at a glance. While the Secret Service might not be on Hayes’ daily call list, the rest of the list is complex enough. There is a 'can do attitude' coupled with the sense of always being ready to 'go the extra mile' for the success of the company. LimeCulture Community Interest Company (CIC) is a national sexual violence and safeguarding organisation based in the UK. As with Lime’s own app, usability and a great user interface is crucial to customer success. This kind of flexibility is part of what makes When I Work so easy for a variety of businesses to use at different stages of growth. LIME CULTURE provides our clients with talented & experienced artisan craftsmen who are passionate in the field of Listed Property Restoration & the repair of Grade 1 & 2 Listed Period Buildings. “It is far superior to other scheduling platforms.”. Wonderful group of ISVAs from @VictimsFirstVFN @JDAS_ @DRASACS @NationalUglyMug @rasa_merseyside @RSVP_West_Mids @SpringLodgeSARC @NottsSVSS @free_va @BCWomensAid @bsarcservice @Rothacs38, Really enjoyed discussions and advice/ support shared between delegates. Thankfully, according to Hayes, her team is aligned to the same values, which are all about putting people first. Covid-19 operating procedures 2nd November 2020. The Carmeuse Group has operations in 13 countries, with over 90 production facilities, up to 5,000 employees, and annual production sales of more than 48 million tons of finished products. Still, for all the ease that When I Work provides, Hayes has her plate full managing a startup that is growing so rapidly. Select your language. Carmeuse Lime & Stone has a corporate history that dates back almost 150 years. She also likes the ability to easily add administrators. That’s a complicated web of information and communication that ultimately makes up Lime’s customer experience. Company Culture Our Organisation Our Organisation. LimeCulture provides a programme of independent accreditation and monitoring against two separate Quality Standards: Quality Standards for Services Supporting Male Victims / Survivors. Fidessa is an equal opportunities employer. We can work with you to on the development of strategic responses to sexual misconduct, associated policies and … In other words, if Hayes isn’t managing her team well and there are gaps in communication, the customer feels it. Lime culture. Lime has created a kind of ad hoc fleet of people around the world who are moving about their city with minimal environmental impact. We believe that all victims, regardless of where they live, their age, gender or sexual orientation, should have access to high-quality, safe and effective support services. By partnering with local communities, Lime is working to not only improve transportation, but cultivate a culture centered around active, healthy and sustainable urban living. And with customers using their bikes and scooters 24/7 around the world,  comes an exceptional global customer service team that has to be available 24/7. There’s nothing we think is too crazy or weird (well, we have some limits) and our goal is that you never get the Monday blues. Lime Corporate Partners Program provides companies and their employees with Lime's GPS-enabled smart e-bikes and scooters as an employment perk. Hayes said she considers the When I Work UI as one that is far superior to other similar apps, noting that she had sat through several demos of other products and that none came close to what When I Work accomplished. We work in support of organisations developing and embedding effective safeguarding policies and associated underpinning processes from Board level to entry level. Working for Lime was great for the beginning stages of the company but things fell apart after new management came in. Contact us for free quote. There are several species of citrus trees whose fruits are called limes, including the Persian lime, Key lime, kaffir lime, and desert lime.. You can use the features you need for your business at the time you need them, letting the app grow along with your business. As Lime’s growth has exploded, When I Work has been able to keep up, with features like responsive zones making it possible to actually manage and stay on top of a growing global workforce. Lime Corporate Partners Program. How do they make a system with so many moving parts (literal and figurative) succeed? LIME HERITAGE provides our clients with talented & experienced artisan craftsmen who are passionate in the field of Listed Property Restoration & the repair of Grade 1 & 2 Listed Period Buildings. As the Customer Service Manager, Hayes oversees an all-woman team—unique in its own right—that includes support operations, customer service, and field communications. Hayes determines the team schedule by looking at various marketplace factors as well as customer support ticket volume. This is not a typical corporate history video. Company Culture Values Values. The key driver for the implementation of each of these Quality Standards is to improve the overall quality and …, University Sexual Misconduct Risk and Needs Assessment Tool. Our partners work closely with us to design an affordable plan that empowers employees to use Lime for their daily commute and more. 140 Lime reviews. Working with lime 7 was a great experience and helped me develop a great skill set. After all, Lime is managing customer expectations, a mobile app, and the bikes and scooters themselves, not to mention that global remote workforce that makes all of that happen across time zones, cultures, and languages. She said the most difficult part in her role as a manager is to make sure that morale is up. We love to deliver that “something special” – while having a lot of fun along the way. It’s a mix of questions from customers on using the bikes and the app and Lime team members communicating with those customers and each other. The Carmeuse Group S.A., the Belgium-based parent company, was founded in 1860. How do you manage a team of that scope? “I can’t imagine doing this with any other software,” Hayes said, explaining that it was previous experience with When I Work that led her to recommend it when she came to work with Lime. It’s a safe bet that you’ve seen Lime in action in just about every major city you’ve traveled in, with their distinctive bright green bikes—both pedal models and e-assist bikes with a battery pack—and electric scooters (the latest evolution). “Culture is something that is top down, so leadership is really important,” Hayes said. At LIME, we don’t believe in the traditional brokerage model, hiring hundreds of untrained REALTORS® with limited access to the broker, in hopes of earning a … People on scooters and bikes aren’t the only things moving quickly, Lime is now the fastest growing startup in Silicon Valley. Company culture is about values and commitments. Please check your info and try again. According to Hayes, When I Work has helped immensely in this area, making the team able to communicate about the work they’re doing much easier. Select your language. Earlier this year, Lime acquired scooter company Jump and its permit to operate 1,000 scooters. Common lime (Tilia x europaea) has tufts of white hairs at the end of twigs, whereas in small-leaved lime (Tilia cordata) these are rusty red. LIME TRUST. Join over 60,000 other people and get valuable business tips delivered right to your inbox. Lime is founded on a simple idea that all communities deserve access to smart, affordable mobility. Through the equitable distribution of shared scooters, bikes and transit vehicles, we aim to reduce dependence on personal automobiles for short distance transportation and leave future generations with a cleaner, healthier planet. Lime is known for a great work culture, and it’s everyone’s role on the team to work to maintain that. Mississippi Lime Company Culture: Why It’s So Special. ... and culture for almost 15 years. Using that information, she can create a schedule that works for everyone. Plus, the OpenShifts feature almost guarantees that those shifts will get filled with much less headache than it normally would have taken to find someone to fill them. Using the Lime app, people can locate the nearest Lime bike or scooter location, and unlock a unit by scanning a QR code with the app. It wasn’t long before she decided to phase out her other healthcare business and go all in with Lime.

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