Simpson in his Report on the Causes of the Plague in Hong Kong (1903) reports the endemicity of the plague in that colony to be maintained by (a) infection among rats often connected with infectious material in rat runs or in houses, the virus of which has not been destroyed, (b) retention of infection in houses which are rat-ridden, and (c) infected clothing of people who have been ill or died of plague. Some other observers, however, have not got such good results with a chloride-free diet, and Marishler, Scheel, Limbecx, Dreser and others, dispute Widal's hypothesis of a retention of chlorides as being the cause of oedema, in the case of renal dropsy at all events; they assert that the chlorides are held back in order to keep the osmotic pressure of the fluid, which they assume to have been effused, equal to that of the blood and tissues. For the retention of older cults under a new name, Mahommedanism supplies several examples, as when a forest-serpent of India receives a Mahommedan name (Oldham 128). On the Success of Failure: A Reassessment of the Effects of Retention in the Primary School Grades. Arrangements were perfected for the termination of the American military occupation of Cuba and the inauguration of a Cuban Republic as a virtual protectorate of the United States, the American government having arranged with the Cuban constitutional convention for the retention of certain naval stations on the Cuban coast. retention. Preeclampsia-A condition that develops after the twentieth week of pregnancy and results in high blood pressure, fluid retention that doesn't go away, and large amounts of protein in the urine. Fluid and electrolyte disturbance - sodium and water retention, hypertension, potassium loss, hypokalaemic alkalosis, edema. frequented by sea-birds, whence come the guano deposits, the retention of ammonia and other fertilizing properties being due to the absence of rain. But his views did not prevent him from profiting to the utmost by one very bad abuse, for he did his utmost to secure the retention of his frigate in port, in order that he might be able to attend parliament. Retention of an ultimate deterrent or ultimate guarantee of national security is a political given - but its scale is not. Because of water retention my stomach appears swollen. The needs of the central government lead to its retention of the more profitable modes of procuring revenue. Medical Definition of retention. Learn Ludwig. Customer satisfaction: Research shows that customer satisfaction is a direct driver of customer retention in a wide variety of industries. Retention treatment stage-The passive treatment period following orthodontic treatment, when retainers may be used to stabilize the teeth. Moving Beyond Retention and Social Promotion. We call these leftover traditions " cultural retentions . " This intellectual discovery requires sensation and retention of sensation; so that sense (ea-Ono-Ls) receives impressions, imagination (0avravLa) retains them as images, intellect (Van) generalizes the universal, and, when it is intelligence of essence, is always true. On the other hand, Honda Odysseys are famous for their excellent reliability and impressive value retention. Parents may have valid reasons for believing that their child may benefit or suffer from retention. The inflammation can result in urine retention which in turn can cause bladder, urethra and kidney infection. The main objection to the Hempel is the retention of liquid in the beads, and the consequent inapplicability to the distillation of small quantities. 🔊. 16. Retention can be emotionally traumatic for middle school students. Another word for retention. Mostly Ghanaian News stresses cultural retention and investing back into the home country. Although such distinctions may be doubtful (the two African breeds are almost certainly descended from one ancestral form), the retention of such names may be convenient as a provisional measure. a : abnormal retaining of a fluid or secretion in a body cavity retention of urine retention of bile. Consisting of neoprene coated glass fiber fabric supported by a spring steel wire helix and having a neoprene coated fiberglass outer retention cord. The finer the particles the greater their surface tension and the more their moisture retention levels and vise versa. Enjoy also the retention of breath. in a sentence. They supported the retention of a strong central government. Fluid retention can reach a point where your body can no longer contain the fluids within your circulatory system. Any retention made by the first mortgagees should also be deducted. It has been suggested that this occurs because lower grade teachers see only the initial gains made by the student in the first few years after retention but do not follow the student's progress through middle and high school. 3. The enlarged cystic goitres show, in the distended vesicles, an abnormal formation and retention of this substance (fig. No matter how many contests and appreciation luncheons you hold, if your workers do not feel comfortable in their work place, your employee retention will be low. 19 examples: The study attempts to investigate which mode of delivery is more effective in… Retention of organic anions causes a progressive increase in the anion gap and a further fall in plasma bicarbonate concentration. I've successfully improved employee retention, maintained labor laws and managed company procedural improvements. The term "retention" in regards to school means repeating an academic year of school. Retention alone is not creative. How to use retention in a sentence. For if, as is commonly the case, the water employed be drainage-water from cultivated lands, it is sure to contain a considerable quantity of nitrates, which, not being subject to retention by the soil, would otherwise escape. 2. 12 examples: This is a modern substitute for employee retention. He settled the affair in his usual downright manner, telling the commissioners bluntly that they must take back their legitimate king, and refusing - perhaps with more questionable wisdom - to allow the retention of the tricolour flag,which to him was a "symbol of rebellion.". use "retention" in a sentence The retention of information is aided by repetition. difficultyssion and retention of pupils with social and behavioral difficulties continue to test the inclusion policy. Since NSAIDs and pioglitazone are associated with fluid retention, concomitant administration of NSAIDs and Competact may increase the risk of edema. Increasing the insurance company's product range increases client loyalty and client retention. Quality leather has the following features: good elasticity, thermal insulation, water resistance/permeability, and shape retention. Retention is most likely to be recommended by teachers in grades one through three. A retention schedule tells us: How long records are needed. 4. Define retention. Choose a language, then type a word below to get example sentences for that word. Studies also show that most elementary school teachers overestimate the academic benefits of retention. The infected person develops a high fever and possibly a rapid heartbeat when lying down, paleness, shortness of breath, and fluid retention. Later strategies focus on comprehension, retention, and study skills. Dentatus Titanium Posts - Surface treated for improved retention. Even though Jake was a millionaire, he avoided hanging out with pretentious people who liked to flaunt their wealth Jason has a retentive memory and never fails to recall the names of his three hundred employees. Used to treat kidney stones and to relieve fluid retention and swelling. Practitioners prescribe black cohosh to control the symptoms of menopause and assist with menstrual cramps and water retention related to menstruation. The effect of substratum surface roughness on the retention of microorganisms. Compost, animal manure, grass clippings or raked leaves are just a few of the many free soil amendments you can add to your garden soil to increase nutrient content and water retention. The invention provides that a sensor is present for recognizing a change in the retensioning device, said sensor being connected to an analysis unit via a sensor line. It causes fluid retention (edema); dry, peeling skin; and hair discoloration. Make arrangements to store all business records in a manner that is in compliance with federal and state records retention requirements so that you can access them is needed. 🔊. The retention of something is the keeping of it. Under Elizabeth, however, the English Merchant Adventurers could finally rejoice at the withdrawal of privileges from the Hanseatics and their concession to England, in return for the retention of the Steelyard, of a factory in Hamburg. The retention of nutrients in the soil; the retention of jobs in the city. Retention in a sentence. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. Benefits include enhanced customer service, retention of skilled staff, improved morale and less absenteeism. In deed, were it not for their retention of the characteristic odontophore we should have little or no indication that such forms as Phyllirhoe and Limapontia really belong to the Mollusca at all. Most of us tend to eat fa Retention in school is also called grade retention, being held back, or repeating a grade. The offence will also cover cases of dishonest, 22. Many people with heart problems suffer from fluid, 10. Although not accurate in the conclusions reached at the time, the value of the method of diagnosis is shown by the retention in modern medicine of the name and the practice of " Hippocratic succussion.". Benefits packages play a major factor in employee recruiting and retention. Retaining workers of all age groups will be increasingly important for organizations looking to maximize the retention of skills, knowledge and experience. self-employed non-principals become more realistic, this will only help the current recruitment and retention problem for all GPs. The retention list of example sentences with retention. Water retention - You could gain 3 to 5 pounds during the first week after you stop smoking. All heifer calves or bulling heifers naturally would be heifers for the whole of the six month retention period. customer retention definition: the fact of keeping a customer for a period of time: . A parallel case is the retention of small quantities of water soluble substances in the soil. It’s different from customer acquisition or lead generation because you’ve already converted the customer at least once. Rules Regarding Retention or Sale. 0. Show More Sentences Also, hormonal fluctuations of the menstrual cycle can result in fluid retention, which can cause wrists to swell. Although it has the deciduous dentition, Mme Pavlow considers herself justified in referring the Kherson skull to the genus Procamelus previously known only from the Lower Pliocene or Upper Miocene strata of North America, and differing from modern camels, among other features, by the retention of a fuller series of premolar teeth. The parent 's consent has gone and the retention becomes wrongful. cohort of 150 mental health diplomates was recruited the previous year and with whom panel recruitment and retention strategies have been developed.

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