Thrive DC hosts thousands of volunteers each year who support our programs in every way possible. What you might not realize is that in 2011, 38% of our volunteers were in college or younger and that they completed over 3,000 hours of service. Already, only 8 months and 3,092 hours of service in, our numbers for 2012 are blowing the previous year away.

Already this week we’ve shared stories about Socorro, the service learning student who wrote an award winning essay about her experiences with Thrive DC, and Kiera, the teen with a call to action to support our Help the Homeless Campaign and these stories are just the tip of the iceburg.

  • Drew organized a clothing drive over the summer which has amounted to over $1,100 in donated clothes for our clients.
  • Jeremy worked with his fraternity to make and deliver 200 sandwiches so that we could provide easy, portable meals and snacks.
  • Theo and Yukari started their own community organization reaching out and providing resources where they’re needed most.

These inspiring young leaders are shaping the way we think about service at Thrive DC and we wouldn’t be the organization we are without them. If you’re looking for a way to get involved, email Emily at [email protected] and share your idea for a volunteer project. If you’d like to support youth who are working to make a difference here at Thrive DC consider sponsoring a DC Public School Student (or a whole classroom!) in our Help the Homeless campaign.